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Today at 08:06 PM 10 Gallon Cylinder by Iceman

Tinted 10 gal cylinder, have not measured but I think it is for Fry 117. Has good ring on one end, the other end has several chips. Most of these would be covered by a ring except for two chips which are about the size of your thumb print. Some scathes here and there (was in a barn for many years), but no cracks. Can deliver between Nashville and Louisville. I would not attempt to ship this. $400

61 Views · 1 Comments
Today at 07:29 PM Your BROKEN Wayne 40A Bezel & broken Rainbow lens by Man-Cave-Shoppe

Heya all in Oldgasland.
I've got a good 40A face glass bezel and another pretty good one but it has 1 corner broken off about 1.5"-2" from the tip.
If someone has a original 40A face glass bezel that is useless but has 1 corner that is good about down to the lip in a triangular shape, let me know and let me know how much for it. All the tabs and the rest of mine is good and until I find a better one, I would like to possibly fix this one.

Also looking for ORIGINAL Rainbow/True's Oil Co. globe lenses that would still display somewhat complete with some work.
Yes, I know it will still be pretty expensive if there is even one or 2 out there but I might be able to afford it and I know I could not afford a complete good one so I would be perfectly happy with a broken original.

Thanx in advance for any help!
Dave 509-847-5893 or bigdaddydave@man-cave-shoppe.com

24 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 07:21 PM Looking for 2 Veedol Diamond Burst oil cans by WJHcurator

Hello WJCurator here. I am looking for one each of the large and small Veedol Diamond Burst oil can, or two each of large or small. Thanks to Bob Richards for the use of his photo and info. I need them for my museum display to make it correct. I do not need them in mint condition. I don't have a lot of money to put into them, the Museum is a non-profit so we can give tax receipts for donated items. I missed my chance to get reproductions from Dick so anyone who can help, I will be grateful. Maybe Veedol Al is lurking out there. Thanks in advance WJCurator/UtahBob

26 Views · 1 Comments
Today at 07:17 PM Fanasty cans from DB... by VEEDOL_AL1

I had Dick make these cans for me when I needed some to fill in untill I got the original ones...the starburst are dated 09 and the Powerlube is 01....they are in excellent shape.now that I have the originals I don`t need them...I know it`s a big deal with some of you with FANASTY CANS SO I`M JUST TESTING THE WATERS.
qt`s are $15.00
5-Quart is $20.00
CASH-CK-MO-no paypal..pm me with any questions..
Thanks Alan

160 Views · 5 Comments
Today at 06:52 PM Fisk Tire, 16 in. wide white wall by Hud Oil

looking for Fisk tire with wide white wall, 16inch, for a display

12 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 06:50 PM Globe body for 14 inch lens by Hud Oil

looking for Globe body for 14 inch lens, has the notches at 3 and 9 oclock

14 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 06:40 PM I'm looking for 1 quart oil cans from Texas by johninlongview

I'm wanting to thin my collection and begin to collect oil cans that were from Texas. Please send pic and price. Thanks in advance for your time!

15 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 06:14 PM Gas Pump Ronnie by jkyocom

Talked to him today, said he was making short movies and was going to send me a few samples.
They will have original props in them, all he wants it's a little $$ to fund the next. I will keep you informed when I get it, and give you guys a review...He said he was in drag!!!!! OMG!!!!!!LOL

105 Views · 1 Comments
Today at 06:06 PM Jack Sim by shawn

just wondering if Jack Sim still frequents this site
I haven't seen him on here lately
does he still rebuild the air meters?

120 Views · 1 Comments
Today at 06:02 PM Grease Cans, 1 lb., Assorted by coltex

Here are some more 1# grease cans. Most are full, NOS. I do have a lid for the top Shamrock.

Shamrock (left) $30 (w/lid included)
Shamrock (right) $30 (w/lid)
Gulflex $25
Gulf (old) $35
Cleburne Velvolene $30
Maytag Wringer $30
Oval E $30
Gambles w/planes $30
Dezol $45
Conoco $20
Sinclair $30
Conoco $20
Phillips 66 $25
Wheel Bearing $20

All prices plus s/h/i and paypal charges. I sell in order of PM received. Thank you....

88 Views · 0 Comments
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