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5 Gallon Garauntee Liquid Measure w/External Pump!
by Gearling
Thu Sep 03 2015 09:46 AM
by Gearling
Wed Sep 02 2015 10:37 PM
New in Nebraska
by Mitch1967
Tue Sep 01 2015 01:59 PM
Newbie with Polly Gas Sign
by Russ Taft
Tue Sep 01 2015 12:18 AM
New From Wyoming
by WY ME
Mon Aug 31 2015 07:56 PM
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Today at 12:58 PM Orig. "THE C.A.P. CO CINCI" Embossed glass body by Old Racer

This is a 13 1/2" wide glass body with, "THE C.A.P. CO CINCI"
molded into the base of the body. I have never owned one in all the years I have been buying Petroliana.

$350 plus actual shipping
EXCELLENT condition.

Cash, Check, MO or PayPal if buyer pays the fees.

31 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 12:41 PM Original 13 1/2" glass / wide globe body by Old Racer

Here is a great original 13 1/2" globe body in excellent condition with mounting screws. A small chip out at two screw holes. Should not be a problem at all.

$300 plus actual shipping cost.

Cash, check, MO or PayPal if buyer pays the fees.

Side one of Globe #1:

Side two of globe #1:

27 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 11:58 AM "a honest ebayer" by advertologist

Thank you for writing. You know, that badge is so rare.....I kid you not.....there were over 50 buyers that had this on there watch list. One buyer offered me $400 if I were to not sell it to you. I could not do that. Once again, thank you - interception deflected ... cool


54 Views · 2 Comments
Today at 11:42 AM Wayne 60 showcase display case question by tom 2 tone

standing around before work this morn looking in the back of a dark building at some pumps, giving the VR's a turn...
i zero'ed in on the old red 60 showcase that hasn't moved in 14?? years. looking at the old pic i see i must have put glass in it after i got it. (don't remember LOL) -- when i get a pump i usually run and chase down any piece missing and want every correct screw or bolt.

anyway... inside the display case area on this red 60 there are 4 screws holding the inner side panels on.
two 1/4" down low and two 10/24? up high and the two 1/4" down low are the BIG headed brass 1/4-28 screws like what is exposed on the picture frame around the face on 60's.
on the other side they are missing. -- my other pump has brass round head straight slot 1/4-28 inside on those side panels.

anyone know what screws came inside these display case pumps?
also what screws held the lower panel on blow the doors.

heres the pump as i was buying it in 2001? it cost me $500.00 and had a fresh coat of red paint on it, painted by the guy that BB gunned it up and maybe a couple of 22 holes when he was young. must be 30 BB dimples in the sunburst lol. inside the pump were little doll figures on display. maybe Voodoo dolls?!!

59 Views · 2 Comments
Today at 09:20 AM Penn Drake 1 Qt can by coltex

Here is a nice Penn Drake quart can. The lid has been cut out, but overall very nice condition.

$35 plus s/h/i. I sell in order of PM. Thank you.

63 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 09:18 AM Tokheim 39 Door Hinges by cubbybear2004


I'm wondering if a door hinge off of a Tokheim 39 short are the same for a Tokheim 39 tall? Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

20 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 06:30 AM Texaco Station Discovery by ABCTrip

So my wife is on the way to work Wednesday and notices this building being remodeled (pretty sure im keeping her forever). I was blown away by what was hiding under the nasty, old sheetmetal and brick facade. Texaco porcelain station panels in nice, original condition. The building was several things through the years, most recently a Merita Bread thrift store. I have turned around in this parking lot a thousand times and never guessed it was a station. We were able to make a deal to remove all of the panels and help with the clean up. That is Ralph S.(poleman) in the photos having a blast uncovering the panels and Coca-Cola sign that was above the windows. Never thought we would run across anything like this. Glad the boys doing the tear out didnt destroy everything and we got there in time. The only bad part is we now have a TON of cleaning to do. Be sure to check the Photobucket link for more photos and enjoy.

We would be very interested if anyone has any of the green plastic Marfak Lubrication and Washing letters, that would have been above the doors.


124 Views · 5 Comments
Yesterday at 07:50 PM eco air meter by squick

anyone interested in an ECO 97 wallmount air meter, It is in great shape, new automotive red paint, new chrome. I am waiting for a new faceplate. I live in Canada and the air meter is in kpa not PSI, looks the same but some were converted, still same three hole faceplate. It can be converted back, I haven't posted pictures as it is still apart but can send some if anyone is interested, I can bring it to Hershey, 1000 US dollars will buy it Thanks

230 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 06:14 PM Picked up some Mobil today by Old Racer

Picked up a few nice signs and a globe today.

191 Views · 8 Comments
Yesterday at 05:10 PM SKELLY BANNER by PlainBroke

Here's one that you don't see everyday. Looking to sell but not sure what to ask so open to offers.

Measures 44" X 72" - canvas material.

Does have some water damage on the edges as shown in the pictures.

PM if interested.

95 Views · 0 Comments
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Orig. "THE C.A.P. CO CINCI" Embossed glass body
by Old Racer
Thu Sep 03 2015 12:58 PM
Original 13 1/2" glass / wide globe body
by Old Racer
Thu Sep 03 2015 12:41 PM
Glass Paperweight
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Thu Sep 03 2015 11:41 AM
Buyer beware...
by Mike M.
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