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Yesterday at 08:59 PM Weird Lighting Issue... by Robert77

I have 2 identical fluorescent signs and I've been trying to get both of them to light up. One is close to NOS and has an original 40 year old GE bulb in it, It lights up and works fine. The other one has a little more wear on it and came without the bulb. I bought a new Sylvania bulb and it flickered so I thought it was the starter, changed it out, bulb still flickered. Figured it was the ballast, bought an NOS one, bulb still flickered. Decided to take the 40 year old, NOS light bulb out of the cleaner sign and try it in the more worn one, lights up fine. I put the new bulb in the NOS sign, flickered. Figured the bulb was junk. I just happened to be looking in the garage and found another brand new Sylvania bulb. Tried it in both signs, nothing. Tried both new bulbs in something else, they light up just fine?!?!? It appears that something about the new bulbs is different than the 40 year old bulb and the new ones won't work in either sign? Has anyone ever ran into something like this before? All the bulbs are F20T12's and I'm an Electrician.

103 Views · 4 Comments
Yesterday at 08:31 PM 6 Havoline Oil Bottles with rack (for 8 bottles) by Fueluser

For sale is a partial rack of Havoline bottles. Bottles have no chips or cracks. 4 of the 6 Spouts have caps and are the correct JB Rhodes spouts. One spout (cone part)has become disconnected from the domed portion (which has the inside threads). Don't know how they are formed - are they pressed together - might be an easy fix if you have a press. Could be glued I suppose so cosmetically it looks proper. Will ship at buyers expense. Also I will be at Carlisle on saturday so I could hand it off to you or one of your friends if paid for. Price is $430 plus the ride. Here are some pictures.

Thank you for looking at my ad. PM me with any questions or for additional pictures. John

100 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 08:29 PM Bogus Sunray Oils by moore798

Phony-Fake Sunray Oils Ebay #181719432189

90 Views · 4 Comments
Yesterday at 07:16 PM Standard motorcycle oil can on ebay by nochevys

Saw this on ebay thought some others might like to see it.


59 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 07:01 PM Wayne Clockface restoration by SKomatinsky

A friend wanted me to share his most recent restoration of this Wayne clockface pump. Pump came out really sharp. Many thanks to Ron Scobie for helping out with the parts to make this project happen and the final details (hands and decal) that are coming.

160 Views · 5 Comments
Yesterday at 06:50 PM Red Porcelain Revere Gas Station Island Light by bwfergus

In good condition with the harp underneath the shade. There is some small dings. One chipped spot in the porcelain about the size of a nickel. No breaks in the aluminum harp or lights.

(More pictures to come, my phone is being trivial)

$325 plus shipping

Pm or post if interested

130 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 04:35 PM South West Gulf Gas Pump by bagged1961

South West Gulf Gas Pump. Solid pump, missing 1 face and pump handle.

Asking $450 or offer. Local pick up only but can stay here until pick up as long as it is paid in full.

Call or text 765-432-6406 or PM

PayPal (buyer pays fees), cash or money orders.

144 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 01:54 PM Chevy Flange Sign (We Use Genuine Parts) by nebrgas

I'm still looking for one of these signs in nice condition. Not interested in the "Stout" repro version.

Dave 402-461-2182

57 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 01:23 PM what a simple globe represents by mrcavalcade

i have this photo from the early 1930's that i look at quite often. It is a picture of my real life hero standing in front of his really cool Plymouth PE. He is dressed in some really impressive clothing and an incredible hat, posing for a snapshot in a rural out in the middle of nowhere field, in Washington pa. A picture taken by the lady he was courting and the lady for whom he was all dressed up for, for a simple afternoon picnic. That picture taken by my grandmother, of my hero grandfather, shows a man of dignity and pride and kindness. A man whom worked hard and loved his mate equally as hard. To me it represents a simple time of respect and dignity for ones self and for others. A time seemingly long gone by. In order to relive that time through my hero's eyes, i certainly have that picture! However, i soon discovered that my passion for collecting petroliana stems from my desire to forever revisit his era and to forever see those things he and my grandmother might have seen through the windshield of that plymouth as they drove to and from that field. It is the sole reason i collect. Fast forward to this simple globe that recently found it's way into my collection. It is a plain globe with no graphics and no color and with simple hand painted letters, yet to me, it represents so much more. I have other globes that i look at, and find it hard to believe that such graphics and color adorned the top of a pump so long ago! So darn fancy and eye catching! I see them as incredible, yet probably more so appropriately placed at stations along more trafficked old highways in bigger metropolitan cities. Whereas this lone inexpensive globe advertising "silent" gasoline somehow is the one globe of all of mine that for some odd reason places me in that plymouth PE, riding along some old dusty road, with my grandparents, on a return trip from an afternoon picnic, when they pull in to an old out of the way rural station with a lone visible pump in the front, holding hands while some crusty old gent fills their car with "silent" gasoline. This lone globe is an indicator that it doesnt cost a whole lot of money in this hobby to obtain something that is a vivid real life reminder of those who only exist in our thoughts and memories. I hope others find that one item in their collection that puts them too in an era beside those they never will forget.

269 Views · 9 Comments
Yesterday at 11:59 AM my eco 97 restoration by Wallster

I bought an eco 97 wall mount unit a few weeks ago on ebay and performed a basic restoration on it. After it arrived I opened it up and surprise, it turns out the inside was a safe haven for a few million mice over the years so besides smelling like a giant urine filed diaper, their years of living in there literally eroded the metal on the harp and the front and back inside covers. After a week of taking everything apart (which included breaking three bolts, then drilling and tapping them), extensive cleaning and sandblasting finally got her back to painting condition. I used urethane primer and paint and I also replaced the old worn parts with new replacements. After I installed a new diaphragm and strainer gasket it sprung back to life (don't know how accurate it is but it's really used as a display for me to look at in the shop/garage/man cave). Here are some pics, it's not up to the standard of a Jack Sim restoration but it looks pretty nice on the wall.


140 Views · 7 Comments
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