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1 minute 21 seconds ago Fry Model 77 by model72

I can't find much info on the Fry 77. I traveled to west TX over the weekend thinking that I was buying a Fry 117, but it was a beat up Model 77.
Will it be difficult to straighten out the bent pieces of the base? Some bends are severe enough that rivets have popped out.
What is the technique for removing the large square nuts that hole the base to the skins? I tried heat from torch and penetrating oil, but the nuts starting stripping. Is there a wrench that will fit over a large square nut?
The bolt on nozzle holder on the back side long door has some sort of button/plunger system that when you hang up the wet hose nozzle, it pushed a long metal rod on the inside of the pump. The pump has a Fry glass cylinder in it, but has Wayne gallon markers, 2 BB dings, and crack from top to bottom. The single conduit was fashioned in someone's shop. The T inside the flower pot only has two horizontal threaded holes, not four, but the flower pot has 4 holes. The pumps move freely, but I believe the end of the shaft was altered to fit the bubba-built handle. I am not sure if the repro handle with fit now.

Did I purchase a parts pump? I am not a professional restorer, I just like to refurbish so everything works.

The last two photos show the dented base; second shot looking down on bent steel.
Your thoughts on this pump would be appreciated. I am not sure that I want to sink a lot of money into it.

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Yesterday at 08:57 PM Red Crown Globe authenticity by Kevo335

I'm looking to buy my first globe and this one is in my price range. I just want to make sure its real.

74 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 08:26 PM STP Automobile Fender Cover by Sinclair Dino

Hello, I have a decent STP Fender cover has nice graphics. There is some cracking in the vinyl but not all the way through as seen in the picture. Nice color. Back has some wear on the pad. I will ship folded just the way I found it. PM with questions. Price 75.00 shipped to the lower 48 states. Payment by paypal (Buyer pays the fees) or money order. Thanks for looking. Dino

51 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 08:22 PM BOTW:"BUY'S OF THE WEEK!" Feb st - 7th 2016 by Big Block Cat


175 Views · 7 Comments
Yesterday at 06:12 PM Any Petroliana Dealers near Walland, TN? by weathertop

I'll be spending a few days in Walland, TN with family, just outside of Knoxville.

Does anyone know if there any antique stores nearby that tend to specialize in Petroliana?

67 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 05:56 PM do you buy at Ebay or shows or just private deals by redindianguy

With Ebay selling fakes of every sign made , in my mind they have lost credibility amongst hard core collectors . I recently sold a sign on there for 936 and was charged 100 dollars so its not as cheap as it used to be either . I buy on there once or twice a year , but used to buy back in the 90s and early 2000s twice a month at least . Just wondered where everyone else's preferences lie these days ? Do you like ebay , shows or private buys guys ?

182 Views · 8 Comments
Yesterday at 05:48 PM Light socket mount! by K W FRITH

You can find these light sockets in a lot of different pumps and I find myself in need of 2 of the aluminum mounting bases!
If they ever get hit, they seem to break off the mounting posts and become useless?
If any one has a couple of complete units, or even just the bottom mounting plates, it would help me out greatly.
It has to be from one of these 2 piece porcelain light sockets, or it won't be the same.
I just don't want to use the new reproductions unless I'm forced to?
Thank you a lot to anyone that might have a couple of these units!

79 Views · 3 Comments
Yesterday at 01:11 PM Orig. brass nozzle for visible by SWABBY

Am restoring a GB-T176 for a local guy and we are needing an original brass nozzle with a hook that will fit this pump...Anyone have one they will part with..Thanks Warren

69 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 11:04 AM Original Brochures and Literature for Erie 50 Pump by oltoydoc@vintagegas.com

I'm looking to add to my collection of literature. I'd like to find some Original Erie 50 Brochures or Catalogs showing the Erie 50's or any Showcase, Display Case or other unusual pumps. To be honest (sorry guys) but the visible pumps for some reason are not as exciting to me as the art deco style. So, I'm not trying to add anymore visible literature. You can forward photos to: oltoydoc@vintagegas.com
Thanks, Don

31 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 08:52 AM Wanting to buy... Ad glass for National 38 by Mac

My friend is looking for this ad glass. He needs one for the other side of his pump. He would also consider any other Sinclair ad glass for it like Ethyl or something that might work for the one that is missing. He really would prefer to find one that matches this one if one is out there. Please contact Aaron at 309-540-0204.



50 Views · 0 Comments
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do you buy at Ebay or shows or just private deals
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Sun Feb 07 2016 11:29 PM
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