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30 minutes 17 seconds ago Sign Weight by model72

Approximately how much does a 30" double-sided porcelain sign weigh?

14 Views · 0 Comments
48 minutes 58 seconds ago GAS PUMP BOOK by Speedracer

Jack Sim,

Hi Jack. I was wondering how your new 3rd edition book is coming along and if you have an idea/update when it will be available? I am already on your e-mail list, just curious (and impatient).

I posted here because I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering.

Also will you be at Columbus this year and where will you be playing darts? I'm always up for a challenge. Ha ha. If not, maybe I'll see you in Iowa. Take care.

Steve B.

20 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 12:34 PM Boyle Dayton Visible Skins Wanted!!! by upsgaspumps

If you are going to the Portland, Oregon Swap Meet next week and have a set of Boyle Dayton Visible (USED) skins that you would sell, I am interested. Bill

20 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 11:59 AM 30" standard oil polarine by takitez

I'm interested in trading this standard sign for something of equal value. So just send me some pic of what you got. Both sides look the same but I will post a pic of the opposite side this evening.

63 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 11:23 AM Red Indian sign for sale by Wes Hague

Here is a real nice 5 ft Red Indian sign for sale on Kiji.. I know it's nice cause I just sold it in Dec. of last year 2014....


70 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 10:55 AM looking for used gilbarco air meter parts by marky

looking for someused gibarco air meter parts

looking for

1- air badge on front cover

2- rear cover

3- hand crank

4- glass window (will take new)

5- glass window trim ( will take new)

6- 2 or 3 wheel porcelain face



23 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 09:45 AM Amalie oil can rack by ROCCO2

Amalie wire oil can rack holds 12 quart cans, $250.00 with 7 cans plus shipping USA only.


120 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 07:30 AM Digital Catalog for Morphy's May 2 & 3 Auction by Mattgas

May 2&3 Digital Catalog

60 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 07:11 AM Standard oil polarine signs by takitez

I found a couple of signs yesterday one was a 30" standard sign the owner of the sign said it was on the back of there smoke house when they bought the farm 2 years ago. I find it hard to believe that I've found 3 of these 30" standard signs within 10 miles of my house I thought these particular signs are rare to find especially here in the south. Here are some pic of what I found yesterday the single standard pic is the one I found yesterday

135 Views · 2 Comments
Today at 01:52 AM Sign values by Jack Sim

First, my apologizes to Tbirdgas for stealing his post about two signs.

But I do think that a contributing conversation about signs is a benefit for all of us. While we are all out there looking for pumps, globes, you name it, it would benefit all of us to know what signs are selling for, or what anything is selling for.

I am working on teaching a class at the local Junior College on "Picking 101." Meaning I don't just want to teach them about petroliana which I know more about but what else is out there.

Recently while cleaning out the garage, I came across all the value books Cindy and I used back in 1990s, there is over a 100 of them. When we went out buying we were not just looking for petro items, Cindy knew dolls, jewelry, dishware, ceramics, Civil War items, I knew coins, stamps, illustrators, automobiles and auto parts, and both of us with a working knowledge of about 50 other collectibles.

Why go to an auction with the intent to purchase a gas pump when there is some glassware or a picture worth more than the pump. I have stressed knowledge here on OG more than once.

I have rambled somewhat, but my point is I would like to see more responses about what we see petro items selling for. Each response will add to everyone's knowledge.

Jack Sim

266 Views · 5 Comments
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by upsgaspumps
Today at 12:34 PM
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