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by Doowop
Mon Mar 23 2015 08:11 PM
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by signgurl27
Mon Mar 23 2015 04:10 AM
New member seeking help with Gulf restroom sign
by Stephenwarren30
Sun Mar 22 2015 10:07 PM
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Sun Mar 22 2015 12:22 PM
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12 minutes 31 seconds ago Bennett early kerosene/oil pump by pkhammer

Nice early Bennett Kerosene pump. Turns and builds pressure! This thing would probably work. No visible damage or missing parts except crank knob. Free delivery to Carlisle $275.00

11 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 03:22 PM For Sunoco fans by Savinsam

1928 Portersville, Pa. Then U.S. Route #422, now U.S. Route # 19

67 Views · 1 Comments
Today at 01:25 PM Should I Risk It? by BryceG

I bought this can a couple years ago I believe... I still have yet to see another like it. Kind of oddball design, but what you see on the outside is a paper type of label. I can tell that there is something underneath it... but do I dare remove the label? What if the ad underneath it is ruined... or what if the ad below it is a new discovery for Cities cans?


175 Views · 9 Comments
Today at 12:47 PM 48 quart oil cans on Ebay, all 9.99 no reserve by rspickers1

I ship fast and safe, combined shipping on multiple cans. Remember to bid through Old Gas, just copy and paste Ebay item number into search box on here. Thanks all!

Here's an item number for a can. Just view "sellers other items" to find the rest.


38 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 11:39 AM Red Seal Batteries Porcelain Flange by BryceG

Double sided porcelain Red Seal Battery flange sign. Difficult sign to find in good condition, for some reason the majority I have seen have been in really rough shape. This one is decent, just two main hits in the field.

Just now realized the pictures are a little dark, will get a couple more this evening.

$590 + shipping

182 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 10:54 AM Porcelain Ford Ovals by minuteman

Those Bas***ds in India even have the ink stamp on them now, good thing they can't spell, on this run anayway..

86 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 06:55 AM Mo-Kan Gas by 57CameoGuy

We got all our ducks in a row. Mo-Kan Gas Petroleum and Advertising Show will be held August 21 - 22, 2015 at the Wyandotte County Fairgrounds. Located in the north west sector of the Kansas City area. Recently built facility in the country but within minutes of I-70/I-435/I-35 and the KCI airport.

Admin - How do I get this on the events page?

For more information please contact me here or toybin@sunflower.com or 913-706-7290.

We look forward to seeing you there.

116 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 11:03 PM This actually has bids? by really


158 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 10:51 PM You need to follow ALL leads---- by Young's Union

A couple months ago I was looking for a vintage desk to put in my office. A small one shows up on CL -- nice condition with a story to tell.. Came from U of W college in Seattle. It has a ID tag on it. Now I need a vintage oak chair to match. Back to CL - one about 90 miles away. Another ID tag on it -- they say came from a newspaper office in Calif. On my way home from getting the chair my brother calls and I tell him about the chair to go with my new desk. He mentions that he used to own Gramps old oak chair from the Union Bulk plant. I quiz him on that as I had never heard the story. He got it at a garage sale from people that got it from a garage sale from the guy that purchased the bulk plant from my grandfather. I asked him where is it now? I gave it to my son. A quick call to my nephew. Do you have Great Gramps old desk chair? He is not sure about the history but will send a pic of the chair he has. Another 100 mile trip and a few dollars later I own "A" oak desk chair. Next stop is to see the guy that bought out my grandfathers business. Yes the story lines up and that is the chair. I mentioned that I just went past the old bulk plant and peaked in the window and see that Gramps old oak desk is still inside. Will you sell it? NO -- but I will give it to you. Today the desk came home, need to finish cleaning it and it will be reunited with the chair after many years and have a new home in my office. The one currently in my office will probably end up back on CL.

374 Views · 15 Comments
Yesterday at 10:28 PM Picked up a couple UNION 76 NO SMOKING signs today by Young's Union

Most signs like this would have a $$$$ value. These 2 are priceless!!! I got to take this off the fence of my gramps UNION 76 bulk plant in Lynden today. The building in the back is where my grandfather parked his 1955 Ford fuel delivery truck each night. The building just had a facelift a couple months ago when they pulled the old galvanized metal off of it. Did I mention that the guy gave them to me!!

143 Views · 2 Comments
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Thu Mar 26 2015 01:59 PM
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