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Roller nozzle nozzle Craig Osbeck 13 hours ago Would anyone know if other nozzles would fit into a roller nozzle handle nozzle ? Tried many including Tokheim and just would not screw in.
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Wayne 100b pump Walkie72 13 hours ago I’m a newbie here:) looking for some inside pics of a Wayne 100b pump. I disassembled when I was 20...27 years ago! Boxes of parts have moved with me 3 times. I only have a couple grainy pics left as an assembly guide. Everything I have has been powder coated but I am afraid some parts have gone missing over time.

I have searched for an assembly diagram but have not been able to find...

I am trying to figure the door hinges. Would anyone be willing to post a couple pics or offer any advice?

Thanks in advance!
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Gas Pump Handle Tankar Yesterday at 10:43 PM Can anyone identify if this is a pump handle and to what or not. Measures 18" long. Thanks
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Webb can color Tankar Yesterday at 10:38 PM Has anybody seen this before, webb can one yellow one more orange in color. Was deciding what to bring for cans to IG but comparing them different colors. Not sure if 2 different manufacturers or what. No fade to either can. May have to keep both.
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Bennett 966, Eco Air Meter, 6’ Texaco Sign Seth Robbins Yesterday at 06:01 PM As some of you know, I got completely out of the petroliana business in 2008 with the sale of Vic’s Place.

From time to time I have old clients who for whatever the reason contact me with items I sold them back in those days, looking to get rid of them. In this instance the gentleman passed away.

In this case I have a Bennett 900 Series Restored in Sinclair Dino, an Eco 98 Air Meter restored and a 6’ double-sided Texaco porcelain sign I’d like to sell preferably all together. The pump is very clean still, the rear ad glass is broken but that’s a $15 fix. The computer is free and turning. Probably just detail it, touch it up and you’ve got a like a new resto. The air meter is very serviceable as well, all original parts might need polished a bit and blackout paint fill redone. But still very nice. The Texaco back side has some tree sap staining that I couldn’t really get off, you know where the back turns kind of grayish. Not horrible, but still, the display side as you can see is pretty cherry.

To separate them, I’d want $1975 for the pump, $1075 for the ECO and $950 for the sign. If someone wanted all three I’d turn the whole group loose for $3700. It’s funny, I didn’t research pricing or anything I’m just working off memory. Holler if interested. I won’t ship, but I’m just off I-35 north of OKC. Text 405-627-1052
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Mobil Oil Co. Bulk Plant NO Smoking Porcelain Sign gastique Yesterday at 04:01 PM This sign was removed from a now defunct Mobil Oil bulk plant here in Michigan about 35 years ago
It has been hanging in my garage and now it is time to part with it

4 x 24 inches and in excellent condition showing wear from years on a fence outdoors

No chips in field

$100 -- PP no fee to me
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Apex 30, National A-1, Tokheim 34 parts list champlinman Yesterday at 03:42 AM With Iowa Gas coming up I’m needing these parts.

Original Wayne 60 Fuel manifold spinner rod.

National A-1 fuel manifold and globe ring/bracket.

National Apex 30, all sheet metal, corners, meter faces.

Tokheim 34. Reset crank, access door.

American 277, meter shade, visi gauge, meter faces, meter hands, reset knob, meter bezel, pricer bezel.

Wayne 100, curved window glass, globe ring.

American 900 reset crank.

Anything Coryell 70.

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Looking down the road...what do you think? Stephenwarren30 Yesterday at 02:47 AM I know that this subject has been breached many times....but I sometimes think about the future of collecting Petroliana. All my signs and pumps remind me of my younger days. Classic signs and gas pumps are there deeply embedded in my childhood memories.

I just made a major purchase of a Tom’s Peanuts wire rack display (Photo) because of the memory of my uncle’s Esso station (Photo) back in the 1950s with one of those Tom’s Peanuts racks. Those memories have spurred my collecting. If that is the major reason for collecting, will it come to an end when a new generation without those memories are front and center?

I wondered if I was “over thinking” it all or if there were other plausible, perhaps brighter outlooks concerning this great hobby.

What do you think?
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Question: exposed conduit on visible pumps smokey1 Yesterday at 02:35 AM Any evidence exposed conduit used for lights on visible pumps such as Fry, Rapidayton originally painted when manufactured?
When manufactured and put into service was the exposed metal conduit zinc or cadmium plated and no paint?
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Boyle Dayton 74 Mike BigdaddyB Yesterday at 01:43 AM Nice original West coast pump, skins are nice with no rust out and heavy cracked paint, glass is good no cracks or breaks. Pump is located in Sacramento area.
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