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17 minutes 20 seconds ago Shell cans by ROCCO2

three shell cans all full $23.00 shipped


0 Views · 0 Comments
47 minutes 49 seconds ago Shell Kerosene Flange by BryceG

Rare Shell Kerosene double sided painted metal flange sign. Difficult to find in good condition. One side in very good condition and other side has a little bit more wear but still pretty good. Can provide more information, details, and/or pictures by request... just PM me.


27 Views · 0 Comments
48 minutes 43 seconds ago BLUE MOBIL CANS by MORE RUST

What years did MOBIL use the blue oil cans with the red Pegasus?


7 Views · 0 Comments
53 minutes 40 seconds ago Paying it Forward! by K W FRITH

I really believe in the concept of "Paying it Forward", and within the gas & oil collectibles hobby, I have tried to do as many good deeds for others as I can. Sometimes it has been a tip on where to find a special sign they are looking for, sometimes its been a tip on a smoking hot deal on a gas pump, and sometimes I have sent something to another collector, simply because I thought they should have it.
In turn, I have received many of the same things back from others, not return favors, but brand new unexpected things from friends and strangers alike! Some things were small favors and others were BIG favors, and every once in a while, I will receive a small gift from someone, simply because they thought I needed it!


First off, I received a message from Kelly Callison. She and her dad, Dave, use the handle "Warriorgas" here on Old Gas. She needed my address because she had just chanced upon something she wanted to send to me. My curiosity was instantly piqued, and I started watching for this item to show up in the mail. When it arrived, it brought back a flood of memories from my past! It was a liscense topper from the Schommer Nash dealership here in Devils Lake. I don't ever remember being inside their dealership, but I remember their body shop very well and was frequently over there, as I was fascinated by auto body repair. I even got to know a couple of the Schommer brothers fairly well! What wonderful time, remembering those moments from a time long ago! Kelly had made the week for me with a simple gesture on her part, that was an act of total thoughtfulness!


I often receive things in the mail from ebay, or an Old Gas member, so when a package arrived on Saturday, I didn't think anything of it, just assuming that it was another small item I had purchased. The package sat in my entryway for the rest of the weekend, and I grabbed it today and took it out to the shop to open it and check the condition.
When I got it open, there was a note inside from Tom Hilliker (nochevys), that said "this can belongs in your collection more than mine, please enjoy the can". Well I tell you---I was a bit surprised by this note and I hurridly dug into the box to see what he was talking about? To my utter amazement, inside was one of the best Cities Service Penetrating Oil cans that I had ever seen!!! I have been after one of these cans for several years and I remember losing out on one in an ebay auction that brought over $350!! Every one that I find has always been such poor condition, that I didn't want it, and they always brought WAY TOO MUCH! I couldn't believe my eyes! Here I was staring at a 9+ example that someone just sent me because they thought it was where it belonged! Talk about an act of unselfish caring about the hobby!!!
I am so truly humbled by these 2 acts of generosity, that I had to share my feelings about what these 2 people have done for me and the importance of "Paying it Forward" in this world! Whether it be within this hobby, or within your community, please find time to do some small favor for someone else, with no thought of compensation! I really believe it will make a difference in this busy world of ours, and for some unexplained reason--- it seems to come back to you tenfold!
My sincere thanks to Tom and Kelly! May your rewards in life be greater than you can ever imagine! God Bless you!

37 Views · 2 Comments
Today at 11:49 AM Sunoco cans by ROCCO2

Sunoco rust resistor,polish and pre-wax cans all new old stock and full but will empty $100.00 for the three.
Vintage Sunoco cleaner and wax can $35.00
all plus shipping.



29 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 11:10 AM Veedol stuff by 5 quart

Hi-- Veedol 14 1/2 OZ grease tubes Full
15.00 ea 2 for 25 plus shipping-Note 2 slightly diff

Case of 10 with original Box 175.00 plus shipping-
Some new qts etc added to site at www.oilnspeed.com PM or email
at dons.oilcans.signs@erols.com thanks don

44 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 09:12 AM G&B 80 Pump by PlainBroke

Straight pump, no dents, no rot.

Back panel was replaced.

$1400 OBO.

Can deliver to Columbus or Iowa Gas if paid for in advance.

PM if interested or need additional pictures.

111 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 09:10 AM Cleaning porcelain signs by Young's Union

I know that this topic comes up all the time with many different ideas. I spent 2 minutes each on these signs with A-MAZ Clean and Green. It took off 40 years of rust and crud instantly I have tried Barkeepers with minimal results. Available thru AMAZON.com.
Make sure to order it with cleaning pad that is available.

102 Views · 3 Comments
Today at 06:43 AM WTB: Automatic Master Sealer by mcguffeyd1

WTB Automatic Master Sealer with the correct chucks/dies for the american quarts. The machine i have is not working as well as i would like it to. It must have the 2 1/2 and all the rollers.
Please let me know if you have one and the price.


29 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 05:55 AM Sunoco Coat & Shirt by Cold Pizza

Two nice companion pieces.Both very clean & like new.

1)Woven Sunoco Custom coat w/"Custom Service" embroidery on pocket.Size 42L w/lining..$75
2)Light blue long sleeve cotton shirt w/"Custom Service" embroidery on pocket.Size 16.5...$35
..add $10 for shipping on either.


91 Views · 1 Comments
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