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32 minutes 19 seconds ago Visible Gas Pump Parts to identify... by STAYGOLD

Looking for some help trying to correctly identify these Visible Pump parts and pieces.

Any ideas?

3 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 06:04 PM Cans on Ebay by Neil Gerrard

Listed a bunch of cans and signs on Ebay, here's the Golden Eagle number 151837552844. Please bid through Oldgas on anything you might be interested in

32 Views · 1 Comments
Today at 04:35 PM Super 98 globe by s10truck

Super 98 globe. Two original lenses on capco body... body has damage, see photo. $475.00 Pick-up or pay for shipping.

103 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 03:53 PM Trackside Gasoline globe by s10truck

Trackside Regular Gasoline SINGLE lens globe. ONE original lens on wide body glass. $725.00 Buyer picks-up or pays for shipping.

127 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 03:50 PM Speed 98 globe by s10truck

Speed 98 globe. Two original lenses on capco plastic body. $550.00 Buyer picks-up or pays for shipping.

93 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 03:49 PM Buffalo Gasoline globe by s10truck

Buffalo Premium Gasoline globe. Two original lenses on wide body glass. $775.00 Buyer picks-up or pays for shipping.

126 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 02:08 PM Wayne 851 Pump Question. Please Help!! by Jolly-John

Hi, Gang. I disassembled a Wayne 851 clockface pump about twenty years ago. Now, it's time to put it back together. I have a question about the electrical pipe conduit pieces inside the pump.

In my photos below, I know that conduit "A" and conduit "B" definitely came from inside my Wayne 851. However, I'm unsure about conduit "C". This piece is about 24" long, and has the blue tape on the ends in the photos.

Can someone please comment on conduit "C"? Is it from a Wayne 851? And generally speaking, where does fit? THANK YOU very much for any help. John

56 Views · 1 Comments
Today at 11:16 AM Lighted Cooper Tires Hanging Sign. Very Good Cond. by Jolly-John

have this illuminated Cooper Tire sign for sale. Two-sided. It is in very good condition. This size sign can be easily shipped.

From my research, I believe it is a late 1970's vintage Cooper piece. This sign displays well, whether lit or unlit. It is 36" long by 12" high by 3-1/4 wide. The graphics on both sides are clean, and free of any issues. The aluminum sign case is straight. The interior florescent lighting works properly. Both of the hanging loops on the top of the sign are in place.

NOTE: I had trouble photographing the sign, when illuminated, with all the lights off in the room. Somehow, the sign light and color density seemed to "fool" the automatic exposure eye in my camera. I can guarantee you that both sides of the sign look great, when lit up...no hot spots, and good lighting all the way to all four edges of the sign faces. Also, disregard all of the reflections shown in my photos. The sign faces both look very good.

The price is $190, plus the shipping and insurance. Your personal or business check, or a money order all work fine for payment. Thanks for looking. John

138 Views · 1 Comments
Today at 11:10 AM MUTUAL Ethyl Gas Globe. Very Good Condition. by Jolly-John

I have a very good condition, Mutual Ethyl Gas Pump Globe available. Both lenses display very well, with no paper marks or other issues. The CAPCO plastic body is also in good shape.

NOTE: Please disregard the white spots by the "M" and the "U" in the photos. Those are from the camera flash, and are not on the lenses.

The price is $425, plus shipping. Thanks for looking. John

93 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 11:03 AM 1932 SHELL Metalcraft Toy Delivery Truck. All Orig by Jolly-John

This SHELL delivery truck is an all-original, 1932 Metalcraft toy. It has original paint, tires, and SHELL graphics. No dents or issues...but definitely played with some. It has that great early 1930's truck look, and displays well.

This truck measures 12-1/2" long by 4-1/8" wide. All four tires are embossed with the "Goodrich Silvertown" logo. The truck comes with four red wood barrels, which I added for display. Six Shell Motor Oil barrels originally came with this truck back in 1932. Those have been reproduced, and cost less than $30 for the set of six. I simply never got around to purchasing them.

The price on this SHELL Metalcraft Truck is $250, plus shipping. Thanks for looking.

126 Views · 2 Comments
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