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29 minutes 26 seconds ago Red Indian Oil Porcelain sign Original 5 foot by Shane Lawrence

Original Red Indian Oil porcelain sign.

5 foot dia.
Single sided

See pics they show condition.
Indian head displays well still.
No touch ups all original.

Pm me for additional pics. I took lots of them.

$3600 US

Buyer organizes and pays shipping from Canada. I will build a shipping crate. I can also meet on the Canadian side of the boarder in Niagara Falls or Sarina.

24 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 08:04 AM Century spinner clock! by mrcavalcade

With each passing year that marks the existence of my short time on this earth, I have come to truly appreciate those objects which have seemingly withstood the test of time and now grace the walls of a petroliana collection I never thought possible to amass. Hour upon hour and year after year spent chasing, and sometimes fortunately acquiring, true pieces of history with an incredible story to tell, if one just takes the time to listen. Take for example this amazing Century Tires Spinner Clock I have been patiently waiting for, to take it's place In my collection and to continue marking the passage of MY time on this earth. What story might it tell? Delivered to a fledgling automotive garage just 12 years in business in 1940, when the Century Tire Company, a few days earlier, had shipped this piece of advertising, in hopes to sell more of it's product within a garage, which just 12 years earlier was a livery for horses. Perhaps the most junior employee had the unfortunate and dreaded task of climbing the ladder to the height of 20' or so to place this clock upon a brick wall, where for the next 38 years it would not only provide the time, but more importantly, mark the passage of time on it's Daily watch. Spin for 38 years it did, as momentous cars from the big band era of the 40's rolled through the doors. Spin for 38 years it did as rock and roll blared from iconic cars of the 1950's that came and went. Spin for 38 years it did as muscle cars of the 1960's infiltrated the old garage. Spin for 38 years it did as the big boats of the 70's required work. Spin for 38 years it did, not only marking the history of the automobile, but marking the history of the employees that would give it a daily glance to mark their own life story. How many workers spent days of joy at the birth of a child while this clock marked their telling of those stories at work? How many workers spent days of sorrow underneath it's watch as they returned to work from the death of a loved one? Only it knows. One day in 1978, a worker climbs that ladder and takes down the old guard, relieving it of duty, as a new clock now shines brighter in it's place. Into a box this incredible piece of history goes, until 37 years later I open that box and wipe off the dirt and dust and bring it to a home less than a mile from where it began spinning 75 years earlier. With amazement I plug it in and see it struggle to move. Knowing it deserves a better fate, I send it off to a gifted man whom recognizes it's place in history and refurbishes it to run again. This morning, a proud man climbs a 6' ladder and places this incredible piece of history back onto a wall so that it can stand guard once again and mark the joys and sorrows and passages of time for the remainder of my life, until it then finds a new home to continue timing the passage of history. What an honor to have been blessed with this rare clock and to be able to look at it every day!

86 Views · 12 Comments
Today at 12:35 AM Need help with a 48" HC Sincalair sign by Speedracer

I am looking to buy this 48" Sinclair sign from a guy who says he has had it for 35-40 years. I have never seen one with two colors bleeding into each other. If you look closely at where the red and the black porcelain meet at the top of the H, the dash and the C, you will see some overlap in the black and red (it looks like a shadow). It is about 1/4 inch wide at the top of the letters.

I actually own a version of this sign and the color lines are crisp. I was wondering if this should be a concern or not. If any of you own an HC Sinclair sign can you please see if any of them have this "shadow" where the colors meet.

I am slightly concerned because their is not as big of a 'lip' where the colors meet, when you rub your fingers across the sign and the REG US PAT OFF at the bottom is different than most I've seen. Do you think it is just from a different manufacturer or different era? Have they faked / fantasied this sign in 48"? Do you think this sign is legitimate?

Thank you all for any help.

118 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 11:10 PM 127 Gas Station Tennessee by 68air

Passed this piece of Americana on 127 this year in Tennessee. Still had the old pumps out front. Any idea of the age of the pumps and what type of station this may have been?

Apparently the owner passed away and his son closed it up and it has remained so ever since. The roof has collapsed but contents remain. Way cool.

95 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 09:01 PM Shoebox Glass Globe Body by tallman

Looking for a shoebox globe glass body.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

30 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 08:58 PM Kendall Polly Power & Penn Bradford Globe Lenses by tallman

Looking to purchase a "Kendall Polly Power" and "Penn Bradford No-Knock" 13.5 inch gas globe lenses.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


32 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 08:40 PM Bennett 748 Door Wanted....... by Recycle68

I need one door like the one pictured..
It would be great if I could pick it up in Peotone....


20 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 05:47 PM Help me find my Tail feathers (or need Pure arrow) by TheGriffin

Hey guys. Im looking for the tail section of a Pure arrow for my pole sign in the yard. I already have the arrow point (heck, I have two). If any of you know where one might be, please let me know. Below is a pic of the arrow point I have. Thanks

76 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 04:56 PM Wayne MD-70 gas pump by Craig Osbeck

Looking for two of the plastic tops for these, also some NOS stainless sides if possible.

46 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 04:23 PM Fake Signal Sign on Ebay and Craigslist by signgod2112

Please report all the fake signs this guy is selling


66 Views · 1 Comments
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