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21 minutes 19 seconds ago MERRY CHRISTMAS! by texacokie

I know we all get very busy this time of year shopping and with family coming in. I just wanted to take this time and wish all my friends here a MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank a bunch of you for being such great friends.

I wish DB was here he would probably tell me bah humbug and we would have a big chuckle!

Sometimes we get all caught up with the hunt of our treasures that we forget the most important part of our hobby is people you meet along your journey and the dear friends you make along the way. So take the time to reflect back and appreciate not only the folks here but the ones you meet in your travels, that is what makes the hobby fun.

Also a big shout out and THANK YOU to oldgas for providing all of us this great site!

I know I am a little long winded this morning but all in all...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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22 minutes 25 seconds ago Looking for info by sfm1951

Does anyone know what brand of tires, batteries, etc. did the Johnson Gasolene stations sell in the 30's ? Looking so I can find the right brands (signs) for the station I'm building. I've got the canopy over the pumps almost done.
Lots of things still to do. Thanks in advance, Steve

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56 minutes 43 seconds ago Nice big lease sign Cities services Citgo 36"18" by Mr. Lyday

Very clean sign Cities Services Citgo lease sign 36" 18" colorful and clean...185 shipping included

31 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 08:05 AM GULF NOS ADD GLASS by ROCCO2

New old stock Good Gulf add glass measures 12 1/2" x 5"
numbers printed on end look like 1-23964 $50.00 shipped.
thank you

25 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 08:04 AM Humble Oil Company Lease & No Smoking Sign by Mr. Lyday

Humble Oil Company Lease & No Smoking Sign
24" 18"...Nice sign some good colors...harder to find with No Smoking as part of sign. 140 shipped

26 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 07:57 AM Gulf Oil lease sign 24" x 12" Orange & Cobalt blue by Mr. Lyday

Gulf Oil lease sign 24" x 12" Orange & Cobalt blue 225 shipping included

27 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 07:53 AM Getty Oil Company Lease Sign 24" 12" by Mr. Lyday


19 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 07:13 AM Gulf lot for sale by ROCCO2

Lot of Gulf items $85.00 shipped,
thank you

76 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 01:32 AM Lot of Oil, Grease and Vintage cans... by Mr. Lyday

This is a lot of Oil and grease cans... some other vintage cans mixed in there but all very nice. There are 20 items here letting it go for 150 includes shipping in continental 48. Pm any questions.

111 Views · 0 Comments

I received this Gates Rubber catalog recently and realized I could use it to answer many questions that are asked here on Old Gas.

Obviously, the picture is of a tanker dropping product at a station. Gates had their catalog designers white out the gasoline brand name on just about everything, but they left the "N" and the "O" on the tanker showing, so it tells us this is a Conoco station.

Now, let move to the very left side of the picture, back behind the tanker we spot a oil can rack, showing not only quarts, but I believe five quart cans. This tells us, they made racks that held both.

Moving to the island there is a pole, it probably was a light pole before the pump with the stationlighter was installed. Now look real close to the top of the pole (or look at the 3rd picture below). Did you spot the Conoco logo? Something else about the pole, there is a water spigot, so probably this pole was equipped with air and water.

Now to the tanker, I would estimate this is a 4000 gallon tanker and it has four compartments. Look closely at the lids on the top of each tank. The 4th picture below, shows a similar lid that was being sold by McDonald at that time. It looks like something Flash Gordon wore as a hot in those old movies. (You young guys can ask you father who Flash Gordon was).

The gas pump. Easy to identify, a Tall Tokheim 39 with the ad glass at the top of the pump. As I mentioned above, Tokheim called the light a "Stationlighter." Now look closer at the pump, notice the lead sign is on the front, why, because many states, cities, etc. had requirement for the placement of these signs. If you were ordering a pump directly from Tokheim, they would ask you where you wanted the lead sign. Also notice the price sign on the top of the pump. Just three days ago I got a call from someone who wanted to know what that hole on the top of his 39 was used for, there is your answer. Just like the lead signs many municipalities required the price of the gasoline be visible from so many feet away, this is why Tokheim built the pumps this way (actually so did Bowser). If you did not have this requirement it was usually used for an advertising sign. Notice too, the way the pump is painted. Hopefully someone will fill in the correct colors and if this pump is for regular or premium.

Look at the building, notice anything. "LESSEES & OPERATOR." This means the station was owned by Conoco or the local jobber for Conoco, and leased by Mr. Colborn. Conoco or the local jobber would have been responsible for the pumps and the island.

Pictures can be a lot more that just being "cool." So the next time you see a cool picture, scan it, enlarge the picture, you might find all kinds of collectibles.

Jack Sim

133 Views · 2 Comments
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