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24 minutes 32 seconds ago DB's Quotes ? by oltoydoc@vintagegas.com

I had mentioned to a friend a while back that at one time I was keeping a list of quotes that DB made that struck me as being funny. He told me that I should post them on oldgas some time. I guess today is as good as any to do that. However, for the life of me, as I read them now, I'm really not sure what I saw in them that I thought was so funny? lol (maybe if some of the older members can remember what was going on when these were quoted? they can fill it in for the youngsters?)

Dick Bennett quotes:

1. He who doesn't make a mistake, never did anything.

2. "The process of turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones can at times require the use of a large sledgehammer."

3. If you can learn from your mistakes, you will not make them again !

4. Saddle sores won't show on your face after riding a horse all day, either !

5. You have too many toys, and not enough batteries !

6. Anyone can pull a tooth, but most will Choose to Pay a Dentist!

7. Most shops can paint a Hot Rod, very few can build it.

8. IF it was something you were really interested in, you'd be emailing seller for better pic's instead of complaining here about lousy pictures.

9. Dick Bennett Quote 27 July ‘10

When asked for the difference between a Tokheim 950/850
Dick’s answer:

..- 850
.= 100

10. Re: (dating repro vulture items)Dates, Depends on WHO makes it & WHAT it is !

11. Re: Pan-am sign found 1/14/2011: Only took 4 pages to get that PICTURE POSTED! Good thing ya didn't ask for the whole sign.

12. I think he likes keeping us in suspension!
Sure Hope we get another picture on Monday.

13. When responding to “how old are you”? Older than Grass, younger than Dirt!

14. "If it/you were closer, I'd buy it"

15. POST them Tom, YOU won't receive .0001% of the FLACK I did/do for making use of pump parts. Bet they will even wait for the cow paddies to dry before slinging your way!

16. Even a Blind squirrel gets lucky finding food or he Dies.

17. Bet you guys believe EVERYTHING the A-TEAM did too.
& The DUKES OF HAZARD only used 1 car for ALL the stunts!

Thought Fl. was on the Confederate side during the Civil War! What do they teach in schools there?

19.HOPE ya Have FULL DEEP Pockets, when ya start adv. for an Original Globe!

20.Won't be long before you'll be able to get one from Argentina or India!

21. LOL
Just because you replaced the fender on your Mustang w/ one from a SHELBY doesn't change a thing, you still have a FORD, not a SHELBY.

By installing a Clock KIT in a 36B, it's still a 36B. NOT A 36B-DP

22. There is a time limit [or I would be editing more of my replies just cause!].

23. Nuts, bolts, washers, pipe, fittings, screws, nails, billet, building beams, engine blocks, computer frames, etc.

When was the last time ya bought a kids toy made w/ steel/metal?

24. I tried NON PETRO buy of the year one time & @$&*(* hit the fan. Had Babies & old men crying FOUL!
I'm still ROTF,LMAO

25. Aug.‘12 -Imagine what the Ancient Egyptians would say about us wanting to Mummify these pumps w/ the Guts intact? LOL
They did save the Guts AFTER they removed from body!

26. No one was born Potty Trained,
No one learned to walk w/ 1st step,
Ride a bike w/o training wheels,
Starting a family [unless you were very lucky/UN-lucky!]

BUT ya kept TRYING & WA-LA,
No more Diapers,
Ya quit falling on your Butt,
Now you can ride a Harley,
Some started a family & others decided Not to!

Some are "challenged", & not just computers!
Some take the easy way out "I CAN'T DO IT" because I GAVE UP.

27. Display the can behind the beer in frig. As the beer disappears the can will start to look better.

28. INTEGRITY of some Members!
Gotta like it, #$%&* lol

29, Don't hold your breath, I'm sure they made more Studebaker's than pumps & ya don't see that many of them!

9 Views · 0 Comments
58 minutes 35 seconds ago A buddy for my lonely Harbor lubester by oltoydoc@vintagegas.com

Funny how things work out, but several years ago at Fred's Santa Rosa meet, I saw a great original West Coast Branded Harbor lubester. Well of course I was too late, it had already been sold. I believe that Mike Mikelson had bought it. Sometime later, I was over at Dennis Leith's house, and saw the same lubester in his collection, I don't remember how he came to own it, but I certainly hadn't forgotten it. A year or so ago, I noticed a post on oldgas, where Dennis was selling off a few items, and low and behold, the Harbor lubester was being offered for sale. Obviously I bought it, had a buddy bring it to oregon, where it sat in the corner of my office, until recently, when good fortune struck again. On a whim, I answered another post on oldgas, where Kim (Minute Man) was looking for a trade. He wanted some quality globes, and was willing to trade his Erie 50 pump. I offered to be a middle man, exchanging cash for anyone that might not want the pump, but had globes. It did work out for everyone, and now my Harbor lubester, sits next to his new buddy an Erie 50 branded in the Harbor theme. Thanks to T-Way for helping me design some decals to fit between those great "art deco" corners. As you can see, I have a lot of people to thank for making this dream come true. Thanks to All !

46 Views · 4 Comments
Today at 04:59 PM Used Erie Brass Tag "Etched" not painted by oltoydoc@vintagegas.com

I need an Erie brass ID tag 3"x 2-1/2" they are being repro'd and I bought one thinking it was like the original, but when I got it, I found out the new one had the logo/info painted on, not etched like the originals. So, if someone can help me out with on older one I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

19 Views · 2 Comments
Today at 11:06 AM 12" SUNSET **BOGUS POS ALERT** by Dick Bennett


92 Views · 7 Comments
Today at 09:47 AM Auction Oct 18, Idaho Springs CO by Oldgas

Buffalo Restaurant Advertising Signs, Petrolina and Restaurant Equipment Auction
Saturday, October 18, 2014 10:00 AM
1617 Miner St
Idaho Springs CO 80452
Petrolina,cira 1918 Gilbert & Baker Mo T176-100 Visible Gas Pump, Porcelain Advertising Signs, Tin Signs, Coke Machine, Indian Prints, Neon Beer Lights, Full Body Buffalo Mount, Paper Advertising, Restaurant Equipment, Antiques


56 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 12:59 AM Aussies are Being SCAMED on 12" Signs by Dick Bennett


Look at Completed Auctions also;

152 Views · 8 Comments
Today at 12:03 AM wayne 615 and globe by hotrodfun1

Just picked these two up. The glass has no problem. Two bad only one standard lens.

145 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 11:05 PM Flying a truck door sign later version by Big Block Cat

Hello All, I have a later version Flying A truck door sign for sale. I'm asking $400 shipped to the lower 48. If your interested send me a pm. Thanks Anthony

290 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 10:24 PM Mobiloil Marine Can... by mcguffeyd1

Offering 150 for a nice Mobiloil marine can. Just the plain one without boats. Must be wavy blue bottom quart
Please pm

54 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 10:11 PM Sohio Quart Full by jwood7

27$ shipped one side is nice one side is faded. The can is still full.

115 Views · 0 Comments
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