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23 minutes 0 seconds ago TEXACO BIG FRIENDS by Agent_M

I am collecting and looking to verify information about Texaco Big Friends -> A close friend of mine has a large private collection of Petroliana and Automotive signs and has passed a number of items onto me. One of the pieces that I am looking for more info on is this head from a Texaco Big Friendly statue.

I know that they were made by International Fiberglass and Texaco commissioned 300 statues to be built with plans of making a total of around 3,000 in the mid 1960's. Then, due to a lawsuit, the 300 that were produced were ordered to be destroyed... Only a few were known to survive at that time and currently I can only verify the existence of two possible surviving pieces besides this head.

Joe from usagiants.com has been an awesome help so far. Looking forward to see what else I can find out about this piece. THANKS!

8 Views · 0 Comments
33 minutes 13 seconds ago Gas Station Economics question by Steve C.

Just something I've wondered about and don't understand.
I've heard it stated both on this site and somewhere else in life, that the stations/station owners don't make but a couple cents a gallon on gasoline sales. And that they make their money from the convenience store aspects of the locations/business.
First, is this true?
Second, if there is no money in Gasoline sales, how is it that the petroleum companies, Exxon-Mobil for example, are worth and make billions?
What am I missing?

19 Views · 1 Comments
Today at 09:13 AM WTB Glass Visible Cylinder by Bob May

I need the following glass cylinders - any usable condition
- 13 5/8 X 22 for Fry 117
- 12 X 27 for Rush Model H

These are for pumps I plan on displaying outside. No luck finding one so far. Thanks

15 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 07:15 AM how quick should you pay or ship items on oldgas by johninlongview

I buy and sale things on this site. I always pay immediately if I can.
If i sale on here, I try to get things boxed and sent within 24 hours of selling.
I see people on here all the time complaining about slow payments and slow shipping.
I've dealt with people on this site that would ship before I even sent them a check, (that's awesome) but......You just can't trust everyone to pay up as they should!
What's the deal? Why can't people pay in a descent time period and if we or they have paid, why can't my items be shipped in a timely manner?

How quick do you think someone should pay after committing to buy? & How quick should a person ship an item after it's been paid?

175 Views · 9 Comments
Today at 03:32 AM GILBARCO NEWS - 1954 COMPANY MAGAZINE by Jack Sim

Sometme in 1956 Gilbaro started a in Company Magazine (Newsletter) called the "Gilbarco NEWS." This 16 page issue was issued No. 1 for 1954. Many pictures of their stations, but it seems they were pushing their remote pumps. Mag includes a good story on the Stanley steamer, and other items. Inside back cover includes pictures of their pumps in use, also the rear page shows the Gilbarco Air Meter with the exclusive "Pressure-Guide." This was the only air meter that told you what pressure your tires need (the only problem you had to own a car that was made between 1950-1954.

Still a great piece of Gilbarco history.

16 color pages, a few wrinkles on the cover, other than that perfect. Nice pic of a Mobil neon sign in a Mobil station using Gilbarco pumps. Measures 8" X 11."

$35.00 with shipping.

I don't do PMs, so the first to post here, then email me at jhsim@petrocollect.com for payment details.

We take Paypal, and you don't have to pay the fees.

Jack & Cindy Sim

42 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 12:44 AM ROMORT AIR METER/ZINKE CO. 1922 CATALOG by Jack Sim


First an explanation. From around 1917 through the early 1920s many companies were coming out with products for service stations. They did not have the money for national advertisements, so they let supply companies sell their products. In addition to this catalog, the Milwaukee Pump Co. did the same thing, and here in St. Louis, the St. Louis Pump Co. sold most of their pumps thru supply (even companies that sold steel products) to sell their products.

Another piece of automotive history. Henry Ford put a car in the hands of the average American, but he was a very stubborn man. His idea was to sell the T, no accessories, that is all you needed. He didn't even supply his dealers with tools to repair the Model Ts. Thus, he not only is credited with making the automobile accessible, he also created the automobile accessory business. 1000s of companies started in business selling accessories for the Model Ts. Zinke was one of them.

Romort started in business making air meters around 1918 (later they sold their meters under the name of Arno, a more familiar name to collectors). They were a very small company in Oakfield, WI. They decided to let the Zinke Co. of Chicago to sell their air meters. Actually Zinke didn't make anything, they just sold other peoples products.

Now this 1922 catalog. It measures 6" X 9" and has 60 pages, many of which are in color.

1. 14 pages of Romort products. A few years ago I wrote an article for CTO that described the history of the Romort Co. Most of the 14 pages are about air products, but a couple show some of the other products they made and sold.
2. 4 pages of Hill Pump Valve Co. products. They mostly sold foot heaters for cars (in 1922 cars did not have heaters).
3. 2 pages of Dale Mfg. Co. timers for Fords & Fordsons.
4. 20 pages of Indiana Lamp Co., headlights, tail lights, you name it for Fords and just about any car being made.
5. 4 Pages of Modine Mfg. Co., who sold radiators for Model T Fords.
6. 2 pages of Royer Wheel Co., who sold wheels for Ford cars and trucks.
7. 2 pages of Metalware Corp., who sold motormeters for any car.
8. 2 pages of Reynolds Spring Co., who sold seat cushions for Model T Fords.
9. 3 more pages of break & transmission lining for Fords; Tire changers for cars; and Cast aluminum step plates for cars.
10. More

No stains, rips, or tears except for the cover, see picture. A really great piece of American automobile history in the early 1920s, plus it includes color pictures of the hard to find early Romort air meters.

$75.00 shipped in the U.S. (only $1.50 per page for a 92 year old catalog)

I don't do PMs, first to post here, then email me at jhsim@petrocollect.com for payment details.

We do take Paypal, and we don't expect you to pick up the charges.

Jack Sim

57 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 10:29 PM Base for my Mobiloil Sign by Mike & Deb

I am looking for a base for this sign. It is the big base. If anyone has one please let me know. The sign is nice on both sides. Band needs painted. Both most of all I need the base for it. I can make the pole.

80 Views · 3 Comments
Yesterday at 09:32 PM Bowser 557 face plates by champlinman

Still in need of a set of face plates for my Bowser 557. Looks like Ron Scobie makes them but I like the rustic look. If none can be found I will order a set from Ron. At one point mine were spray painted silver and added some holes. Please PM me if you can be of any help. Thanks, Todd.

26 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 09:22 PM To anoyone who knows something about AMACO by WJHcurator

Hello, I have a question for any Amoco American Rainbo experts. We had a Rainbo station here in West Jordan Utah many years ago that once was an AMOCO, American, UTOCO Vico/PeP 88 Station. When I search on the internet I cannot find anything on the Rainbo part except for a couple of lawsuits. I am looking for any good photos of the Rainbo logo, signs, oil cans products etc to use with my display of early gas stations in West Jordan,Utah. I hope someone can help me out.

128 Views · 4 Comments
Yesterday at 09:18 PM WOW! One Expensive Associated Strip Sign by Chevrolet SS


Hammer down $2,936.86

163 Views · 3 Comments
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