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by Mitch1967
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by Russ Taft
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9 minutes 18 seconds ago Visually working gas pump by ed1966ss

Has anyone ever looked to make the pump dials spin when the gas nozzle is depressed? I'm thinking it would be fairly easy to fabricate a mount for a small motor under the dial gears. Then hide a switch incorporated into the pump nozzle, running the wiring inside the hose. Anyone ever seen this done?

6 Views · 1 Comments
Today at 07:04 AM Erie gas pump by squick

Picked up an Erie 743 gas pump, Its missing the face plates, Anyone going to Hershey that may have a pair to sell? Thanks

27 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 01:18 AM Amazing REVERE LIGHTING Catalog -- 180 Pages by Wowabunga

This spring I acquired a bunch of NOS petro catalogs and before I sold them I made quality copies. Throwing out a line to see if anyone wants one of these "copies" for their reference library. Send me a IM if you'd be interested in a CD copy of 180+ pages. $12.50 per CD.

This catalog is simply AMAZING to thumb thru. Airport lighting, stadium lights, gobs of petro lights and a really nice section on large petro lighted outdoor signage, even a section on Pylons. The photos below are representative of what is in the book.... flat color scans of a good size are the end product.

86 Views · 3 Comments
Today at 12:32 AM Federal Tire NOS 1930's Posters 3 Versions by Wowabunga

I don't know the history on these, all I know is they are NOS and never installed. I bought a group of them and they were all rolled together. I have detailed photos over every corner and of any flaws just ask. COLORS are BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT and CLEAR. Some issues on the paper edges.... especially the top border. If you hide 3/4 inch with matting these will look near perfect in a glass frame.

Link to a large format pic of all three...

BIN $80 - Dig In And Pull Out ( Forgot to Measure This Should be the Same )
For those living in northing climates this poster is for you. Some staining around middle top edge. Paper edges in good shape.

BIN $80 - For Safe Going ( 37" 7/8" length )
Same as first poster just they switched up the headline. Staining on top paper left edge. Staining along left lower edge. Small nic missing out of edge rightside upper.

BIN $100 - 4 Of A Kind ( 37" 7/8" X 24" 7/8" )
COLORS are wonderful. Takes you back to the day when tires came wrapped in paper those were the days. Some staining around top middle and left top edge, some paper damage top middle and corner area... paper is there but is torn in spots. ( you could get away with trimming an inch off the top and no one would know the difference.) I've looked online and can't find anyone else who has these... I sold one this summer, this one pictured, and I have kept one for myself.

Shipping will be somewhere in the $12-14 dollar range.

81 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 10:39 PM stainless trim pieces by Craig Osbeck

Does anyone know what pump these fit. Very nice shape with the bolt attachment on the back. They are 20 1/4 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide. I have nine of them and am going to sell them.

96 Views · 4 Comments
Yesterday at 08:24 PM Canadian Double vulcanizer blue cylinders by redindianguy

Hey guys can anyone tell me if these are very common ? I have only ever seen one but wondered what others have seen ? Thanks

134 Views · 5 Comments
Yesterday at 08:21 PM Revere Fluted Light Poles by wocopep

I have for sale 8 Revere light poles with fluted base. These poles are in excellent condition with what appears to be a coat of primer on them. These poles each have the factory sign hanging arm for credit card or other island signs. Have only seen these on a couple of other poles. Free delivery to Dixie Gas or the Dry Creek Show in Susan Moore, Alabama. Will ship but shipping price not included. $275.00 per pole.

250 Views · 10 Comments
Yesterday at 06:36 PM Wide Body Wayne 60 by Let er' Buck

Selling this Wayne 60 it's in great shape with no Rust or dent's overall a very straight pump the back is the same as the front, it is missing the top vent cover on the reset side and one of the mesh covers on the bottom of the hip on the nozzle side.
Asking $2800 I can hold as long as you need to arrange a pick up or shipping and if your wondering it still has all the mechanical inside, the repo globe not included.
If you need better pics please let me know.

Thanks Bob.

175 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 06:32 PM Gas pump made in germany ? by tech68


New to this great site , And I have a mystery here. Looking for info and some parts for this pump. Its made by

Schwelmer Eisenwerk Muller u. Co. G.m.b.H .The pump is a mix pump you can pump gas only or a gas 2 stroke oil mix.

Any help would be great .

Thanks Tony

127 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 05:24 PM Been watching these pumps for twelve years........ by Old Racer

Been watching these pumps for twelve years........
I drove past this house in a little town called Waupun about twelve years ago. It was in the winter and I spotted a yellow and red gas pump behind the house. I stopped and backed up and saw two visibles next to it. There was a Tok 36B, an American Visible and a Mae West. I went up to the house and rang the bell and asked about the pumps. The lady was very nice, but said they were not for sale. I thanked her and left my card. I watched the pumps for two more years and decided to send them a letter showing my interest. The lady very kindly responded, but again said the pumps were not for sale. For the next ten years I sent them a Christmas card every year. Last week she called me and said "Are you still interested in the gas pumps?" Of course I said yes. The yard has grown up around the pumps, but there they were. The 36B had come from the Peters Oil Co. there in Waupun. I have a Wayne 40 that came from the same company many years ago. We also acquired an Air Whip I have never seen before. The pictures tell the rest of the story.

Before we cut a path:

After we cut a path:

Ready to roll out:

Unusual Air Whip

332 Views · 17 Comments
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Visually working gas pump
by ed1966ss
Wed Sep 02 2015 09:39 AM
Been watching these pumps for twelve years........
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Wed Sep 02 2015 09:37 AM
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Wed Sep 02 2015 09:37 AM
National A64 & Lubar Oil Cabinet
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Wed Sep 02 2015 09:23 AM
Amazing REVERE LIGHTING Catalog -- 180 Pages
by trifiver
Wed Sep 02 2015 09:04 AM
Tokheim Light Switch
by Craig Osbeck
Wed Sep 02 2015 08:50 AM
stainless trim pieces
by Craig Osbeck
Wed Sep 02 2015 08:48 AM
Air whip from OSHKOSH, WI ??
by Craig Osbeck
Wed Sep 02 2015 08:47 AM
Canadian Double vulcanizer blue cylinders
by Craig Osbeck
Wed Sep 02 2015 08:45 AM
Dragged another one out and have a question
by Done4
Wed Sep 02 2015 08:35 AM
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