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5 minutes 16 seconds ago Coreco 2 gallon oil cans by 2 Gallon Luke

I am looking HARD for any 2 gallon cans from Continental Refining Co. of Oil City Pennsylvania.
They went by Coreco, Continental, and Depenndo.

0 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 11:49 PM A38 Porcelain Pump by petropumps

This pump displays extremely well. When I got the pump I took it apart, painted the frame and cleaned the computer. The original porcelain faceplates are near perfect and the pump had very nice overall porcelain with a few hits. I repaired the hits and it is very well color-matched. The stainless was cleaned, not polished. Electrical is redone and works perfect. Overall it's more of a "rustoration" than restoration, but could be placed in your house the way it is or someone could spend just a little more time polishing some stainless and putting in new glass rubber and have a 100% restored pump. Again, NOT a restored pump but a very nice original that's been a little fixed up. SOLD

124 Views · 3 Comments
Yesterday at 10:34 PM Another Before & After Wayne 60 by bsplichal95

Well I thought I would share with you all another pump my dad and I got put together the way it should be! It all started because my dad was getting really jealous of my 60's and kept giving me a hard time about how I buy them up too fast and he doesn't have time to buy them first haha. Anyways he found one that was reasonable on his own, but it was basically a shell. So he bought it up, and we found the original parts needed to "fix" it up. We are all about all original pumps at our place, so that's definitely the way we wanted to go with this pump. Special thanks to a few oldgassers for the help. Hope you all enjoy!

99 Views · 3 Comments
Yesterday at 09:37 PM A very good garage sale by Neil Gerrard

Don't go to sales much anymore but something struck me about this one, went a few weeks ago and bought a little bit of stuff. Talked to the gal for a long time and she said she may call me when she decided what to sell out of her brothers stuff. Got a call on Monday and bought this small load.


142 Views · 13 Comments
Yesterday at 09:18 PM Wm. Penn 2 gallon can by 2 Gallon Luke

Looking hard for a Wm. Penn 2 gallon can picturing the silhouette of a quaker.

29 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 09:15 PM ethyl burst signs by gr8_signfinds

Looking for any brand, any condition.


31 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 08:49 PM Fry 17 & 117 pump parts - original by s10truck


1. "Fry Guarantee Visible" conduit pump plate.
2. "NOTICE-TO CAR-TO STORAGE" display boxes / signs... and mount.
3. 5 gallon cylinder
4. 10 gallon cylinder
5. Regulator handle.
6. Pump handle.
7. Hail screens: 5 and 10 gallon.


31 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 08:05 PM Pricer box parts by Rabbitman

I'm getting dangerously close to finishing my Bennett 76 and would like to mount my price box on it. I need the strap bracket that connects it to the stub mount on the top. I think I could probably just make one if I had a good picture of one in use as I think they are just made out of flat stock, right? If anybody has an extra they would part with or picture of one? Also, I would like to find a couple of original prices cards in decent shape to put in the box. I have several sets of the M&S cards but they wont fit this box properly. Be happy to trade some of those if you could use them. Here's a pic of what I got....Thanks!

44 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 08:01 PM Lowell, Az by Catauladave

This is what it is all about !
Thanks to Betty,


113 Views · 3 Comments
Yesterday at 07:32 PM WHITING BROS * POS* Sign by Dick Bennett

WHITING BROS. used Decals on pumps, NOT signs.

68 Views · 1 Comments
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Coreco 2 gallon oil cans
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Fri Aug 29 2014 07:09 AM
A very good garage sale
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Fri Aug 29 2014 06:47 AM
Indy Ad Show?
Fri Aug 29 2014 06:38 AM
by Ohio Oil
Fri Aug 29 2014 06:33 AM
12x28 glass cylinder ??
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Fri Aug 29 2014 06:06 AM
Wynns Friction Proofing 3D Oil Can Sign
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Fri Aug 29 2014 05:49 AM
Same sign?
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Fri Aug 29 2014 05:32 AM
Another Before & After Wayne 60
by Dave's Garage
Fri Aug 29 2014 02:59 AM
Lowell, Az
by Dave's Garage
Fri Aug 29 2014 02:51 AM
Resize Image option on New Topic and Reply form
by Speedracer
Fri Aug 29 2014 12:30 AM
A38 Porcelain Pump
by petropumps
Fri Aug 29 2014 12:13 AM
wayne 615 and globe
by hotrodfun1
Fri Aug 29 2014 12:10 AM
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