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General Petroliana Discussion
46 minutes ago
Sorry I got busy after the holidays. Im going to take a closer look at the tape and see if a heat gun would help.

Cool to see how these were originally hung. I’m finishing the inside of my shop and thinking about how to display this.
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General Petroliana Discussion
50 minutes ago
My sign was purchased from a long time sign collector in California who found it laying on top of the roof of an old gas station in California in the 60’s-70’s. He owned it up until I acquired it. I’m a long time collector as well and only sell when I either don’t have room for something, tired of it, or want some extra money for other signs, as I’m sure most of you do. So I’m just defending my sign as anyone would.

This will make number 4 know of this sign (My sign, the one found on American Pickers 2019, the one posted in 2003 by username Dwaine Buck on oldgas, and the one username metropetro just posted from a 2003 gas show.

This sign is not being reproduced or a fantasy piece. The black wings are not painted on, they are porcelain. When it’s in your hands you can tell it is not a reproduction/fantasy piece. Nor was anyone reproducing signs this big or with die cut wings back then. The wear is also noticeable easy to tell it is authentic. The wear pattern is not consistent with the other 3 examples as you can see. If you look at any reproduction sign made they always have the same type of wear pattern. The wear also does not have the signature red rusty run streaks as most fake signs do. The amount of mounting holes are another clue, that it’s original Most repo/fantasy signs only have 2-4 holes or less. Also the color of the porcelain on the backside is similar to other original signs Flying A and Tydol have used. The quality of the porcelain and the straightness of the letters and of the wings, is also proof of an original sign. As far a rarity this is the rarest seeing how nobody has any information about it. Mine is also the best condition out of the other 3 known.

This would not be a mistake/misprint seeing that they’re 4 examples now known, they would not have made 4 signs all with the same error. Plus 4 with a so called mistake surviving till today would be astronomical odds. As someone stated “if they were mistakes they would have been trashed.” So 4 of them would not have made it out of the factory and saved.

If any of you seen it in person and could put your hands on it. I guarantee you would see that it is real deal. It would be nice to hear from the other 3 people who own one, or if there is anyone else out there with one. I hope someone can provide a photo of this sign in use, or provide more details about this sign with facts rather than just opinions/thoughts.

Here are the 4 known examples side by side:
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Non-petro Discussion and Showcase
1 hour ago
couple of white mountain 2quarts, with the manual too.
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
1 hour ago
Received mine Thanks alot. Much appreciated
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General Petroliana Discussion
1 hour ago
Great find .
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Want to Buy Petroliana
1 hour ago
Route32auctions.com has a lot of Chevrolet, GM, and OK used car stuff coming up in their Feb 1st auction. I believe they have online bidding as well.
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
2 hours ago
After some discussion, I realize my price was a bit optimistic. New price $2400
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Online Auctions, eBay Craigslist Petroliana
10 hours ago
Couple of cans/tins on eBay. This auction ends on Sunday 01/26 @ 7pm PST / 10pm EST.

You can also check out all the other items I have for sale on eBay. Once you look at one my items, just click "See other items." Thanks for looking.

If interested, please click on the below links and bid through OldGas (it helps Jim receive money for this website):

Johnson Cup Grease can, rough. Starting bid: $55

Sinclair Household Handy Oiler, lead top. Starting bid: $25


Good year detachable tires tin, fair condition. Starting bid: $35

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For Sale Petroliana with prices
12 hours ago
Blue Jay Gasoline Cardboard Gun (inside flap has some staining) $28
Penwood (some matches) $8
Stinker Soap $15
Mobilgas $4
Rotary Map $14
Invader Oil Change Decal $8
Conqueror Bulb $25
Stanavo Booklet $14
Westland Buffalo Matchbook $10
Tiopet Notebook Page(?) $3
Stellarene Gasoline $16

$75 shipped if you take it all
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
12 hours ago
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General Petroliana Discussion
12 hours ago
Another thing to look at is the holes. The repops have the holes just inside the black line. The originals have the black line going through the top of the hole.
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
13 hours ago
All five smalls included, matchbook is full. $42 shipped
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Welcome New Members
13 hours ago
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General Petroliana Discussion
14 hours ago
it must of been a lot of work too paint that - eye catcher .. ... cool
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
14 hours ago
picture of back side please ?.. ... cool
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
14 hours ago
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Want to Buy Petroliana
15 hours ago
I have M-o-b-i-l separate letters. Will send you a PM.
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For Sale Petroliana for Offers, Bids or Trades (unpriced)
15 hours ago
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Want to Buy Petroliana
16 hours ago
never seen one of these with the holes in it

mine takes the neon going around the sign

with the neon feeding out of the bottom of the sign .. ... cool
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General Petroliana Discussion
Yesterday at 10:56 PM
Here's what it should be...
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Showcase and Stories, Petroliana
Yesterday at 08:18 PM
Great Video as always!
I wish he would have talked about the long Sinclair sign hanging on the fence, I have 2 of them that hung on a station in my town.
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Showcase and Stories, Petroliana
Yesterday at 05:28 PM
Welcome to Oldgas and thanks for sharing your can collection! The fun is in the hunt!!!!

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Want to Buy Petroliana
Yesterday at 04:57 PM
Not sure that's actually what it's called...but I bought an old pump that is missing the lever that selects 1 gallon, 1/2 gallon or quart. Can't seem to have any luck finding a replacement. Photos below of the part I'm referring to...

Thanks for looking!
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For Sale Petroliana for Offers, Bids or Trades (unpriced)
Yesterday at 04:55 PM
message sent
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