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Bryce ,
One question ?
Does this site get any credit for you posting your site/sales on here ?

To me seems unfair to Jim and others such as me .I don't do Facebook and never will .

Regards Sid

There is no harm or foul against Oldgas.com. It's a different world out there than it was just ten years ago. A lot of collector folks are active on Facebook even though it has its objectionable points.

If a seller or buyer chooses to go to swap meets, local auctions, online auctions or other outlets, it is always their choice. Distances to travel, buyer/seller fees and other considerations have to be weighed. Facebook's tracking of user's interactions with other Websites and their participation in misinformation don't seem to bother many people. Oldgas.com strives to minimize misinformation, does absolutely no tracking beyond our site and keeps a focus specialized on petroliana.

No hard feelings toward any collector or vendor who shops around for what they feel is the best venue for buying or selling in their personal situation. We hope that Oldgas.com continues to be a place where collectors come to share hobby experiences, buy & sell and just hang out.