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POTM "Pump of the Month" May 2020 #747950 05/01/2020 11:49 AM
by bsplichal95
Good morning everyone.

I wanted to do something a little different for this months pump of the month. In an effort to get more participation out of everyone involved, this month's pump is YOUR favorite gas pump or pump's in your collection and tell me why! Any pump, just YOUR favorite and why!

Have a great month everyone and can't wait to see this thread!
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" May 2020 #748226 May 6th a 04:28 AM
by gatorgaspumps
This is my favorite pump. My wife's uncle was selling his farm and he said he had a pump he wanted to sell. I knew he had a Wayne 70 and my wife talked about a visible pump that used to be on the farm. When we got there I made a deal for the 70. I asked about the visible so we went out to the scrap pile and I found a few parts for a Wayne 515. I was about to leave and he said he had one more pump in the scrap pile. We went out to another scrap pile and found this pump. A week later every piece of metal on the farm was scrapped. This pump is special because my wife's grand father used it when he first had this farm. Richard
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" May 2020 #747951 May 1st a 11:56 AM
by bsplichal95
My favorite pump in my collection is my Wayne 60-S. About 8 years ago or so I noticed an ad was posted on a local classifieds list. The title said "Old Gas Pump" and that had me intrigued LOL. So I contacted the seller and they sent me pictures of the pump. I got 3 pictures and I could tell it was a Wayne 60 and that the motor or "guts" were shoved all the way down to the bottom of the pump. So I called them back right away and said I was coming to see and purchase the pump for the asking price. When we got there we realized that the pump was in a boarded up room inside of their old barn. So we had to take a wall down in the old barn to get the pump out of there. When the pump was all loaded up and we were ready to leave the lady asked if I wanted the top to the pump, and sure enough up in their upstairs closet was a wide body Skelly Supreme globe that came with the pump also! I have found a lot of great pumps and stuff over the years but the story and pump with this purchase is still my favorite so far!
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" May 2020 #748477 May 10th a 08:15 PM
by tbuckles
I guess if I'm FORCED to pick my favorite and I have plenty I will have to go with my Rush VC. Rush's were made here in my home state so that adds to the attraction not to mention that this is the only known survivor in its original condition, not the only known VC however, I know of 6 total.
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" May 2020 #747993 May 2nd a 12:07 AM
by mtrotnic
Awesome story for sure!

Keeping with a Wayne 60 theme and the only 2 pumps I own lol, here are mine. These sat out front of a Phillips station my dad put together in his front yard. Wish I knew the history of where he found them but unfortunately that info is lost to time. He had a bunch of pumps when I was young but sold all but these two. They meant something to him they mean something to me.
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" May 2020 #748032 May 2nd a 06:02 PM
This is a hard one. My favorite pump in my collection changes. My favorite pump style is a Bennett 371/541. My very first pump was a 541 I got in 1995 (still have it) and currently have 12 in my collection. So does that make it my favorite? There was a thread in the past about "if you could have any pump" or something like that and I posted a Erie 53. A while after that I got one and it was my favorite. A little later I got a Wayne 50 did it up and filled it. It became my favorite. Close to two years ago a good friend hooked me up with a rough Tokheim 36ADC and got it together and filled up. So right now it is my favorite because I like the look, the way it came out and because it came from my good friend, but I do still like the Bennett`s and Erie 53`s.
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" May 2020 #748095 May 3rd a 06:09 PM
by ALSS72
Pick this up Tokiem 870 my favorite for the month of May.
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" May 2020 #748125 May 4th a 01:52 AM
by keithia
One of my favorites Erie 753.
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" May 2020 #748659 May 13th a 10:58 AM
by nochevys
This is my favorite. I always wanted an Erie 70/71, and I always wanted a clockface. I was able to kill both with 1 pump in this Erie 80. Its also not a common pump in the clock version. Thanks to 59Fairlane for my 2 favorite pumps he was able to find, This Erie 80 and a Bennett 371...
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" May 2020 #748748 May 14th a 11:21 PM
by ALSS72
My favorite pair
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" May 2020 #748625 May 12th a 07:22 PM
by Craig Osbeck
Craig Osbeck
Can't decide as each one I do becomes my favorite. That casket will have to be bigger.
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