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#750738 06/22/2020 6:21 PM
by Adapptiv
Hello folken....

Name is Chris, and my wife and I inherited some gas pumps and other petroliana from her Dad. He was quite a guy and left us with quite a.... blessing. wink

He had three or four pumps and we are trying to find out more info about them.

This one is a Sinclair Dino visible pump with a bunch of extras. He said it was real and restored, but I need verification on that. I haven't been able to find any info hardly on the American Oil Pump & Tank Company as per the metal placard on the pump.

Anyone have any comments on this pump? Any info at all would be appreciated, thanks and God Bless!

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by fuelboy
Nice thanks Chris!
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by petropumps
One of the toughest things on this site is putting a value to restored gas pumps. One, because there are different levels of "restoration" and, two, because you get such disparate valuations depending on who's talking. I buy and sell gas pumps as part of my collecting habit. I don't have a store front and don't feel that I sell at "retail" level (whatever that means in the antiques arena). As such, I price pumps at what I think they will realistically sell for on this site or craigslist/facebook. And the values I give contemplate the same. Others on here restore pumps for a living and/or have a retail space to sell restored pumps. They will give you prices, which I feel, are out of the realm of reality for most normal collectors just trying to sell out of their garage. The other thing you run in to is, any more, restored pumps are much more difficult to sell than good, clean unrestored pumps...everyone nowadays wants original pumps with "patina" (again, another word which has somewhat lost its meaning). Anyways, that's a long-winded explanation to get to the following...in my opinion, the visible is worth about $1600-2000 and the Bennett Texaco is worth in the $1200-1500 range. Those are prices ranges in which I would expect the pumps to sell relatively quickly with little hassle on one of the aforementioned forums.

Best of luck.
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