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Sinclair Station- The Renovation begins #753997 08/31/2020 5:58 PM
by DH44
Hi all-
We purchased an old Sinclair station several months ago and finally took possession. The station had, unfortunately, been neglected for many years due to lack of funds. We've been working like crazy for 2 weeks to get the buildings emptied out so we could get a handle on what is needed for the renovation. The additional building is probably going to end up requiring more rehab than the station- today the roof on the station is being replaced and when they pulled off the bad roof, 99% of the water damage was restricted to the main office area. So that's being addressed and the roof should be finished up tomorrow. The secondary building is probably going to require significant re-framing.
Part of the original tile roof trim was removed years ago, but fortunately the previous owner just left the tiles on the roof. We removed those and are going to re-do the original tile trim, and found a supply for the original 1937 tiles and have a shipment on the way. The interior of the station was full of clutter, and 90% of that is gone. The paint is coming off quite nicely with a pressure washer, so plans are to re-painting the bay to the original green/white color scheme.
The one exterior bathroom had been boarded up for more than 30 years. We removed the steel plate, and shoveled out loads of debris. After all the junk was taken out, the majority of the stall woodwork is going to need minimal repair to restore. The door is totally gone, but we'll find one to replace it.
The interior of the secondary building had been paneled over the years and pulling that out is a pain, but we're getting down to the original walls pretty quick. Once everything is out, plans are to go back with runners and sheetrock/insulate the interior. Going to leave the ceilings out and sprayfoam insulate the buildings. Then it's time to address the windows. I'd like to keep most of the old metal ones, but will probably go with double-pane insulated ones in the office area.
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Re: Sinclair Station- The Renovation begins #754063 Sep 1st a 06:51 PM
by yeley101
What a cool project!!! I am with your wife.....no paint on the ceiling.
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Re: Sinclair Station- The Renovation begins #754057 Sep 1st a 01:26 PM
by DH44
The other evening I decided to check and see if the canopy wiring was still good. Replaced all 4 of the bulbs (I'll bet they had been burned out for 25 years) and they all work. We're in a debate right now about how to address the tin ceiling under the canopy. There are a couple of rusted patches that I want to repair to keep out birds and wasps. A guy here in town that has old buildings says you can patch them by taking some strips of hammered tin, then inserting them in the holes and epoxy them in place then paint. I am leaning towards doing that, and painting the ceiling white, but the Missus is leaning towards just spraying the tin with a sealer and leaving it as is. I guess we'll decide that after the stucco/tile/paint work is done.
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