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Gas Pump Rob, Wasatch Man
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by Gas Pump Rob
Gas Pump Rob
Last week I bought a huge load of pumps and parts up in Northern California. This is a 15 minute video recap of my trip.

Thanks for watching,


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by advertologist
another great production - back breaking work with good results .. ... cool
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by Man-Cave-Shoppe Dave
Man-Cave-Shoppe Dave
Great vid!
Man, those Bennetts... they just seem to be 100 lbs heavier than most other 6 footers!! If I remember right, they weigh 575lbs each. Thankfully you were not hurt and looks like the pump came out ok.
My son saved me from having a Erie 766 fall on me. It pays to have help! Ya get a leg or arm under one of those when it's going down and it's sure to snap and crush A LOT! I agree with Paul's comment above!
I was trying to figure out around how much weight you had on there. I have a 7500lb trailer that weighs around 2200. I hope yours is about 10,000lb because I think you were over 7500lbs in pumps,,, not sure tho??
Thanx for sharing!
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by Done4
Thanks Ron, I use to do maintenance in spring and then the fall. I think my trailer was at 3500 lbs, two axles. Changing that tire had to be scary not only your location but the weight. I too was a one man band so I can relate and respect your drive, those days for me are just a memory now but thanks for taking us old farts along.
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by Toys4Fun
Awesome video and score Rob! Thanks for sharing!
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by trifiver
Wow Great score , get some help when you have that many to load hate to see you get hurt

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by mrcavalcade
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by Done4
What is your trailer load max and how often do you do maintenance on your trailer? I once bought 56 pumps and after loading unloading after 5 trips I never did that agin. Thanks for sharing.
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by Tbirdgas
Boy, that's Lots,of Work !! Gladyou didn't get hurt, always best to just let go of the pump, which is not your first instinct
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by Steven C.
Steven C.
Wow!! Great haul!! Congrats!
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by MetroPetro
Very cool Rob.
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by keithia
Great score. I can't image how hard it was having to do that all by yourself. I thought you had a motorized cart like Tom?
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