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by bigandtall
Hi all. Been on here a few years now. Never collected pumps because they are so heavy and I have a bad back, but I do want to have one to look at in my home.

I like this one, but looks like it has many replacement parts on it. Wondering if you all can point out what is what to me and, what an actual reasonable price would be in your opinion.

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by Rabbitman
The replacement parts that have been added to that pump do not hurt the value as they are mostly cosmetic and not really major. The globe is a reproduction that at is just a $120 item so doesn’t add to the value either. New faceplates are an item commonly needed in a restoration. All that being said the pump looks pretty complete and straight and aside from the few decals and the globe looks original and never tampered with. In my opinion it’s priced about three thousand too high. Original patina seems to be what a lot of people want but you can probably find a really nice restored 36B for the same or less if you look around. They are very desirable pumps and everything is getting higher these days but seven grand will buy you a pretty nice pump. If I was wanting one to display in my home I’d want something shiny and bright but that’s just my taste and not the same for all. Hope this helps. This is my pure 36B I restored.
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by bigandtall
Appreciate your input. My initial thought was that it was priced 100% over value, so I agree with you. Your pump looks amazing. For $7 grand I'd be buying an old car to park next to it.

Again, thank you for responding. I suspect the seller is on here as well so most people are afraid to speak their mind.

I do have a collection of things and made a nice workshop, but pumps have always been too heavy for me. But, it sure would be nice to have just one from the 1930s.

I've attached a little picture of part of my cave.
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