Greenslade Oil Company??

Posted by: Steven C.

Greenslade Oil Company?? - Mon Sep 11 2017 03:42 AM

My Neighbor gave me this small screw driver the other day.
I got this info off the Sunoco page of the globe CD about this Greenslade Oil company.

In 1927 the Sun Oil Co. entered an era of expansion with the purchase of Detroit, MI based Greenslade Oil Company. Greenslade had been organized in 1889 by William P. Hutchins and the company was one of the original marketers of gasoline in Detroit, and by the 1920s was selling Greenoco gasoline and benzol motor fuel.

I was of course thrilled that the company had both a Detroit and a Sunoco connection.

google search revealed a couple items. And several more screw drivers : )

Anyone ever here of this company?
Anyone ever see any signage from this company?
Posted by: Dave Rowlison

Re: Greenslade Oil Company?? - Mon Sep 11 2017 05:11 AM

This 1926 map sold for over $200 a few years ago.
Needless to say I wasn't the high bidder.

Posted by: Steven C.

Re: Greenslade Oil Company?? - Tue Sep 12 2017 03:20 AM

Sure looks like the company had some great graphics. It would be so cool to come across a sign of some kind.