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Odd brand of gasoline

Posted By: It's for sale

Odd brand of gasoline - Thu Sep 14 2017 11:52 AM

First for me , The car is a Nash , 27-29 era

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Posted By: DWSheffer

Re: Odd brand of gasoline - Thu Sep 14 2017 12:10 PM

West coast General Petroleum Co.....Later acquired by Socony-Vacuum and rebranded as Mobil. General Petroleum advertising items in the first 6 or so years after their acquisition by S-V are amongst my favorite Mobil items graphically and artistically.
Posted By: Bob Richards

Re: Odd brand of gasoline - Thu Sep 14 2017 04:27 PM

Violet Ray was an Independent brand; that General Petroleum partnered with in 1924. And then later acquired.

Here is an exert from the General Petroleum Corporation's first edition of their new Employee Magazine... (the concept was so new that the Magazine did not even have a Name. On the front cover was a "?" in black on a green background with Volume 1 January 1925 Number 1 across the bottom of the Magazine)

"Company Operations in the Northwest"

"Two large plants, one at Harbor Island in Seattle, and the other in Linnton, about nine miles from Portland, were constructed to handle the distribution of Gasoline, Lubricants and Motor Oils. The Harbor Island plant has a storage capacity of 260,000 barrels of all products, while the Linnton plant can comfortably take care of 105,000 barrels. Necessarily we had to acquire fleets of tank trucks and now there are 13 at Seattle and 10 at Portland, busy literally night and day, supplying our customers with gasoline and lubricants. SIX MONTHS AGO we were unknown as gasoline distributors- Today our representation is complete in Western Washington, from the Canadian boundary to the Oregon line, and will cover Oregon to the California line by Spring".

The Company has not built any Service Stations of it's own, but deals exclusively with Independent Owners. The green and white of General Gas and Lubricants is becoming a familiar sight in Washington and Oregon, and before long will be seen in California as well, for two new Plants - at San Francisco and Oakland - are now being constructed to serve Northern California. Distribution from these two plants will be started by February 1st"
Posted By: DWSheffer

Re: Odd brand of gasoline - Thu Sep 14 2017 05:31 PM

Good info Bob......
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