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Posted By: redindianguy Hershey 2017 - Tue Oct 10 2017 02:34 PM
Awesome weather and a great show . What did everyone think of Hershey 2017
Posted By: pumpingethyl Re: Hershey 2017 - Tue Oct 10 2017 06:17 PM
Awesome as always...almost impossible to go to this show and not have a good time...
Posted By: gasmansgp Re: Hershey 2017 - Tue Oct 10 2017 09:48 PM
We got into town on Monday to check on the tent set up. Tuesday was set up and sales were steady....This is the best show of the year for us. Very enjoyable but a whole lot of work. Kinda like Ground Hog Day, the film...Only 51 weeks until Hershey 2018!!! LOL! Paul www.severngaspumps.com
Posted By: ALSS72 Re: Hershey 2017 - Wed Oct 11 2017 12:37 AM
Greatest show on earth,had a blast and sales were excellent. I was able to get around this year and got some nice items to add to my collection.looking forward to next year.
Posted By: nochevys Re: Hershey 2017 - Wed Oct 11 2017 09:53 AM
Hershey is always fun. Arrived on Wednesday bought a ton of stuff. Had a great time. I think we will arrive on Tuesday next year...
Posted By: RedHat Re: Hershey 2017 - Wed Oct 11 2017 10:06 AM
Amazing show, my first time making the trip and needless to say I was blown away. I can’t overstate how much I underestimated the size of this freaking show. I’d been a yearly attendant of the Metro Petro show for some time (which is held in an Elks Lodge) never having the time to make the others, so you can imagine how long it took me to get my jaw off the ground when seeing just one field. To boot, got to meet Robbie from Pickers at the first table I came to. Great time.
Posted By: Big B1 Re: Hershey 2017 - Wed Oct 11 2017 11:10 AM
Great show everytime! I had some good finds to add to my collection met some of the regulars at the show from Old Gas. Also talked wit h Rob Wolfe from Pickers. Great show perfect weather, See you guys Next Year.
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