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bowser idenfication

Posted By: Gerry

bowser idenfication - Wed Nov 29 2017 06:14 PM

HI, I have recently acquired a BOWSER pump , I would be most interested to know if anyone could tell me what model it may be ,also could the number on the id plate give an idea as to what age it could be ? . Am I correct in saying that this basic type of pump was on sale for a very long period of time ?.
I am also curious as to the purpose of the device that sits on top of the outlet delivery pipe?
Thanks for looking any information would most appreciated.

Description: plate
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Description: pump
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Description: pump 2
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Description: device ?
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Posted By: Rabbitman

Re: bowser idenfication - Wed Nov 29 2017 10:40 PM

Welcome to Oldgas. Your pump appears to be a Model 41 variation of the early Bowser pumps. These pumps were introduced around 1900 and were used in varying applications for many years right in to the 1950's. They were one of the first pumps to be used to fuel automobiles from remote tanks.They were equipped with a lot of different piping and valves for different applications. The one I have was actually labeled as a "Long Distance Gasolene Storage Outfit" and I have an old advertisement from 1911 showing it fueling a car from an underground tank.The number on your label is probably just a serial number and I couldn't find a reference to it in my books. The device atop the outlet spigot is probably a backflow preventer designed to keep fuel from draining back to the source when the pump stops operating.

Here is the one I restored. It had a large filter plus a gauge and gallon counter as accessories.

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Posted By: Jack Sim

Re: bowser idenfication - Thu Nov 30 2017 07:12 AM

As Gary states, a 41. Actually first introduced in 1898, was sold for many years. Three versions are shown on page 41 of my Gas Pump Identification book, and here are some more pictures.


Jack Sim
Posted By: Gerry

Re: bowser idenfication - Thu Nov 30 2017 06:08 PM

Thanks guys for the replies most helpful . further reading on this excellent site has made be realise that my pump was probably painted red when new , It had remains of green paint on it when I got it so I went for green again. I guess anything this old and used would more than likely not be in original colours for what ever reasons we will never know.
Thanks again
Posted By: Jack Sim

Re: bowser idenfication - Thu Nov 30 2017 10:08 PM

The green may have been correct. Pumps coming from the factory were painted red if the pump was set up to pump gasoline. Pumps made to pump kerosene were painted green. Your pump appears to have an overhead outlet which usually was the way the gas pumps were made, but who knows who made changes 100 years ago.

Jack Sim
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