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Tokheim 850

Posted By: model72

Tokheim 850 - Wed Jan 31 2018 02:06 AM

Has anyone seen an 850 with the placard mounted to one of the visigauge rods. I saw this on a pump while surfing photos of 850s; so it is a bit fuzzy. The arrow points to the top of the inner glass cylinder. I probably looked at 100 photos of Tokheim 850s and only saw the placard on one pump picture. In an old posting with a color drawing of two visigauges, Jack Sim said that the Tokheim visigauge was called a Tele-gauge.
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Attached picture Tele-gauge with placard.JPG
Posted By: KZ1000

Re: Tokheim 850 - Wed Feb 07 2018 01:55 PM

I have this untouched original pump with a similar tag.

Attached picture IMG_20180207_085237042_HDR.jpg
Attached picture IMG_20180207_085244709.jpg
Attached picture IMG_20180207_085306901_HDR.jpg
Posted By: Morgan

Re: Tokheim 850 - Sat Feb 10 2018 04:28 PM

I just came a cross this image with and 850 that appears to have a sign mounted to the visi.

Attached picture 27973556_2002481536692484_2688544591908837698_n.jpg
Posted By: model72

Re: Tokheim 850 - Sun Feb 11 2018 03:48 PM

KZ1000, can you approximate the total length? My 850 has 1" of the aluminum placard remaining and I know that it is 3" tall. Is it stamped on both sides? Thank you both for your responses.
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