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yard pump nozzle types ?

Posted By: Gerry

yard pump nozzle types ? - Sun Feb 04 2018 03:18 PM

Hi , I have been recently looking into the types of nozzles that were fitted to the yard or skeleton type pumps .Am I right in saying that the " A " nozzle came first (with some slight variations) and the "B " nozzle later ? if this is correct doe's anyone know when the "B" type took over or is it just different manufactures methods ?.
Also I am puzzled as to the purpose of the screwed on knurled cap on the end of the nozzle " B "any idea's ? ( I have only seen the "B " type with the cap in photos but never in the flesh )
Thanks for looking

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Posted By: Done4

Re: yard pump nozzle types ? - Sun Feb 04 2018 03:45 PM

Pretty cool, but this is new to me. I have never seen these in all of the years I've been in the hobby.
Posted By: Gerry

Re: yard pump nozzle types ? - Sun Feb 04 2018 04:39 PM

HI Gerry here again . Another thought has occurred to me , would nozzle types be different in different parts of the world ? I am in the UK where these types of nozzle seem the norm when fitted to the type of pump in question.
Posted By: JimT

Re: yard pump nozzle types ? - Mon Feb 05 2018 01:53 AM

Hey Gerry. Yeah, these are a little different than we are used to seeing over here. Even your terminology is a little different -Im pretty sure your referring to what we sometimes call curb or curb side pumps? Im just guessing here but the piece on the end of the spout "knurled knob" may have been for a fine screen? Unless Im looking at them wrong,these look like spigots. Like for putting fuel into a container. The pre-visible or blind pumps that were used to fuel vehicles usually had a hose with an early nozzle on the end. Then there were either wet or dry hose configurations. They would have just a spout on the end of the hose with the valve at the other end f the hose or a spout with a valve Hope this helps.

I copied this from the "frequently asked questions" area to describe where the shut off point was on early pumps. Jim Potts is much better at describing it than I....

"The the visible gas pump gallon measuring number placement up or down, depends on the dispensing system used - wet hose or dry hose.

Many early visible pumps were set up with a dry hose with no valve on the nozzle. The amount of gas requested was pumped up into the cylinder, measured from bottom up and then a valve at the cylinder was opened and that amount of gas was delivered to the car. At the end of the transaction, the cylinder and hose were dry.

On the wet hose system, the cylinder would be pumped full and the hose nozzle would have a trigger shut-off valve. The amount of gas delivered was measured from top down in the cylinder. The hose would start full of gas and end full of gas, the way gasoline is sold and dispensed today. Visible gas pumps that started out as dry hose were often converted to wet hose later.

Numbers counting from top down are wet hose delivery and from the bottom counting up are for the dry hose.

This doesn't include variations that included ways to bleed off or otherwise cheat the customer out of a portion of the gas that appeared to be delivered."

Posted By: Gerry

Re: yard pump nozzle types ? - Mon Feb 05 2018 02:33 PM

thanks for the input Jim , you are right about calling things by different names and I also like your idea that a mesh may be a possible reason for the cap on the nozzle end .
The type 41 bowser and similar makes seem to be becoming quite popular here in the UK with prices starting to rise .I attach a photo of such a pump in a local museum the nozzle just about visible .

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