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Posted By: Watchtower PreVisible / Curbside WAYNE pump? - Sat Mar 17 2018 06:23 AM
Me again

I stumbled into the preVisible gas pump and I’m having a bit of trouble trying to nail down which exact pump this is?

It noteably has the larger “elephant foot” base on it with the lower access door which to me looks a lot like a Wayne 2 pictured in Jacks book. The doors are unmarked and have the interior castings where the hose could be wound much like many of the Wayne curbside variants without overhead discharge. It seems though that this pump has had some modifications in its life including a very very rough notch cut where an overhead discharge pipe could come out as well as a rough hole cut to adapt for the use of a nozzle hanger on the lower side of the pump.
Further puzzling is the brass “button” on the side of the pump that is spring loaded. Confusingly it’s natural state (pushed out by the spring) is to let the doors swing open, it’s only when you push the button in do the locks engage on the pump doors and the brass pins slide into place keeping the doors latched, as soon as you take pressure off the large brass “button” the factory locks disengage and the doors are free to swing open. This system is fairly complicated as it moves a series of pins and springs.
The tower portion seems to somehow not match this piece, as you can see in the picture the lower part of the pump is smooth cast while the tower is fairly dimpled.

Is this a Wayne 2 or 85 modified at some point to resemble a 211 or 205? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted By: Watchtower Re: PreVisible / Curbside WAYNE pump? - Sat Mar 17 2018 06:30 AM
A few more... not sure why some pictures are posting sideways

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Posted By: Watchtower Re: PreVisible / Curbside WAYNE pump? - Sat Mar 17 2018 02:57 PM
A few more

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Posted By: Craig Osbeck Re: PreVisible / Curbside WAYNE pump? - Mon Mar 19 2018 11:58 AM
The first photo the tower in on crooked. I sold this pump to you last year and it was advertised as a Wayne 211. Page 309 of Jack's book shows the configuration of the tower and pump. The cut out at the top was either from someone having a hose discharge at the top and then a tower also. Got this pump on ebay from another collector who I believe got it from another member on here. The push entry on the side is a locking mech that I have only seen once before on this type of pump. Maybe the member who sold this a while back can ad to the life of this pump. Many times pumps were modified to fit someones needs and I also did not understand why a light tower would be there without any electrical hookups inside. But then why put a visible attachment onto a curb cart ? Can't have a long extension cord following around.
Posted By: Watchtower Re: PreVisible / Curbside WAYNE pump? - Tue Mar 20 2018 05:58 AM
Thanks for the reply. I actually just purchased this pump last week.

Thanks for the insight on the pump!

I wonder though- the 211 in jacks book does not feature an acesss panel on the lower foot in the picture. The 211 in Jacks book features a WAYNE script on either the door or the trunk of the gas pump depending on which version of the 211 you look at. I’ve been told that the lettering in question was embossed onto the pump during the casting process. Is that true or was it a decal? Also none of the 211 pictures show anything like the brass lock mechanism and that lock is far too intricate for someone to just modify into place. That lock requires the doors to have specific casting holes for the bolts to enter and exit, it wasn’t just a quick modification, it was designed that way before the casting too place . Very strange indeed.

Thanks again for your insight. I will continue my research!
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