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Posted By: Gulf Warrior Are there any Hess fans here? - Sat Jul 07 2018 01:20 PM
A couple of stations closed recently in Connecticut; one in Southington and one in Waterford. Those are the ones that I know of. I don't know what the contractors do with the old signage, but if anyone is interested in it, maybe they can reach out to them.
Posted By: bobp73 Re: Are there any Hess fans here? - Wed Jul 11 2018 01:10 AM
All the Hess station around here(Saratoga Springs) have changed there names, to I think Speedway. They where the last stations around here using the ECO air meters.
Posted By: Gulf Warrior Re: Are there any Hess fans here? - Thu Jul 12 2018 03:31 PM
Speedway is correct, Bob. The rebranding process started about four years ago:

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