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Posted By: don carlson visible lubster - Thu Jul 11 2019 01:23 AM
iI am interested in restoring a lubster I have a visible bennett 810 gas pump that i am working on and thought a visible lubster would look cool next to it. I cant find much info on them and what one would cost in not to bad of shape {all parts there}. I have seen some non visiables in good shape {all parts there } anywhere from 100 to 400 dollars depending on make any info would be appreciated
Posted By: Jack Sim Re: visible lubster - Thu Jul 11 2019 05:30 PM
When I wrote the first Gas Pump Identification book I included a lot of lubsters because I just didn't have enough pictures of gas pumps. The second edition included even less lubsters and more gas pumps. The third edition which I just wrote is truly a gas pump book, no lubsters, nothing else besides gas pumps. So if you can find someone who has a copy of either the first or second book you'll see pictures of what you are asking about.

I also have a website that lists almost everything that a pump company made.
Go to this page of my website: http://petrolianacollectibles.com/gas%20pump%20literature.htm
Click on Bennett first, many of Bennett lubsters are listed under "Highboy."
As for other companies that made lubsters, Tokheim and Wayne made many, but to access pictures of the lubsters on the above website you will need to know the model number.

Here are some Model numbers for Tokheim and Wayne:

Tokheim: 330, 340, 341, 353, 356, 357, 460, 461,

Wayne: 5561, 3062-W, 3063-W,

Dayton: 93,

Jack Sim
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