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Posted By: SodaJim Sinclair Price Box - Fri Jan 31 2020 11:06 PM

Curious to know if this price box is a wall mount due to the way the bracket appears to large to fit or attach to a cylinder rod on a visible and too small to mount to 1/2" electrical conduit...
I was hoping to utilize this price box on my Fry 17 when it gets restored utilizing Sinclair colors/globe etc... Previous owner did mount it to conduit but bent the brackets some to fit but does not appear to be accurate.

Any direction appreciated in advance!

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Posted By: advertologist Re: Sinclair Price Box - Sat Feb 01 2020 12:16 AM
believe that was made too attach too a visible .. ... cool
Posted By: Rabbitman Re: Sinclair Price Box - Sun Feb 02 2020 01:04 AM
They were used on both visibles and clockface/computer pumps later on in transition years. The brackets were a little different depending on what they mounted to. Here is mine on my Bennett 76 mounted to the round pall that was as seen on a lot of Bennett’s. Maybe someone else has a closeup pic of the bracket and mount....GB

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