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Posted By: gasgeezer exposing an original decal - Sat Feb 08 2020 02:27 PM
I picked up a couple of original beeline gas pumps last week and 1 has a great original decal the other was repainted in the beeline scheme over an older paint job but they didint put on a new decal for whatever reason. You can make out the decal under the newer paint but i want to try and mask it off and remove as much of the newer paint as possible from over the decal without destroying the old decal. Ive never tried this and wonder if i should try paint stripper, oven cleaner, acetone? what has anyone had good luck using or is it a waste of my time? Thanx for any ideas or experiences good or bad........... Les
Posted By: Man-Cave-Shoppe Dave Re: exposing an original decal - Sun Feb 09 2020 12:01 AM
This is a Erie 77 I had a couple years ago.
I used light hits with a hammer or hard metal surface and also light flaking/picking it away after cracking the paint on top of the decals,,, and a lot of time.
I would not suggest using paint thinner or some chemical for fear of wiping the graphic out too.
Good Luck and have fun!

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Posted By: Speedracer Re: exposing an original decal - Sun Feb 09 2020 02:24 AM
Those turned out great Dave. Nice save.

Hopefully Les can do something similar.
Posted By: Jhaas63 Re: exposing an original decal - Sun Feb 09 2020 05:20 AM
That’s a great job Dave. Sometimes I think about the the person who used to own something like that pump. Or someone who used some oil out an oil can back in the day. They would of had a stroke back in the day if they knew someone would spent hours of precious time and care to display that decal and not damage it. Same with oil cans that got used and left to discard in a barn that worth big money today.

Makes me wonder what I discard and could care less about today that someone will be fascinated with 70 years from now!
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