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Posted By: marky info on jenney gasoline - Mon Feb 24 2020 07:23 PM
Was wondering what info and history anyone has on jenney gasoline and the different types of gas they sold jenney aero,jenney super aero, jenney 100, jentane, jenney royal octane.
the differnt types of oil they sold jenney solvinoil, jenney super motor oil jenney auto oil, ect looking to date alot of the stuff and when they started each type years ect. ive been asking around
who is the early jenney collectors looking to put a file together there is barley anything out there i can find.
any help please reach out to me even if you know somebody via phone,email or text or pm on here
thanks marky
Posted By: marky Re: info on jenney gasoline - Sun Mar 08 2020 01:03 AM
any help out there?
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