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Posted By: T-way Gas Pump Heaven . . . - Thu Dec 02 2021 04:15 PM
Some people will cut off their noses to spite their faces.

Andy at Gas Pump Heaven is one of those people.

A little background.

A few years ago there was a discussion on this forum regarding the poor fit of some lenses in some reproduction CAPCO bodies.

Without naming names, I mentioned that the offending bodies were too small for the majority of the reproduction lenses and most original lenses.

And I gave my opinion on why they didn't fit the lenses - again without naming the company that was selling these clone bodies.

The CAPCO bodies made from the original molds are what almost all reproduction lens manufacturers size their lenses to.

The 'clone' CAPCO bodies are too small. No doubt about it as none of the major reproduction lenses or most original lenses will fit in them and allow them to close fully at the top or the bottom.

Apparently, Andy thought I was talking about his bodies (I was, but again, I never mentioned the manufacturer) and still holds a grudge.

I placed an on-line order a couple of days ago hoping to avoid having to talk to anyone at Gas Pump Heaven.

Got a personal call from Andy today accusing me of saying ALL their stuff was junk and refusing to fulfill my order.

Once he started rehashing the old post regarding the clone bodies - and bitching me out all over again - I hung up on him.

As a business owner and a supplier for this hobby, I would never treat any paying customer this way.

It's a shameful thing that we have individuals in this hobby that treat their customers like this.

Later . . .

Posted By: cggas Re: Gas Pump Heaven . . . - Fri Dec 03 2021 03:04 AM
Seems as I’ve heard a lot about this guy at gas pump heaven having a bad attitude, maybe he should just stay off the phone & make parts & leave the phone calls to the staff.
Posted By: Stig Re: Gas Pump Heaven . . . - Sat Dec 04 2021 04:10 AM
Contrary to the previous 2 posts....I talked with Andy today about a part I need and how to install it. He gave me all the time I needed out of his busy day and even offered to send me a template to help with the installation. He was considerate, helpful and went the extra mile to help me out. Great customer service was my experience
Posted By: Done4 Re: Gas Pump Heaven . . . - Sat Dec 04 2021 04:57 AM
I’ve known Andy and Diane for over 30 some years. They know me as Phil from Phils Gas Station to this day they call me Phil. My real name is Les but it still works for me.

I really don’t like these kind of posts period. There are always two sides of a story. I have always been able to talk to Andy when I had question, has the person I talked to to get to him “not to nice” yes. But when I was in need of a part they were there for me.

He has a real job that pays their bills and supports our hobby. I just don’t like this post period.
Posted By: UpnorthNeil Re: Gas Pump Heaven . . . - Sat Dec 04 2021 01:37 PM
I would agree with both Les and Phil : ) there are always 2 sides to the issue and this forum can not provide a wide enough platform to afford total explanation of each side. Not to get too deep on a Saturday morning but our lives are each a combination of "sinner and saint" moments. This is an incredible hobby and OG is an extremely large part of that, but all it takes is a family medical emergency or a death to remind me that it is only a hobby. Enjoy the journey during this Christmas season. Neil
Posted By: buzzy56 Re: Gas Pump Heaven . . . - Sat Dec 04 2021 02:42 PM
Just go’s to show that some people take constructive criticism and use it to improve ! Others take it as a challenge to their self personally and is Human nature quite often . Others accept it as a challenge to make improvements. Old saying “ Well if the shoe fit’s , wear it “ and in this case it holds true ! They either did or they didn’t . No in between . There will always be ringers and defenders and buddies who take sides to protect the interests of their selfs and their pals . But if a statement is true a person should be a man and accept the truth and do something about it instead of being in denial and becoming defensive .

I have purchase pump parts from the company mentioned several times .Other than slow communications and processing times and longer waits for shipments all has been good . I have purchased parts signage bodies misc. from many well known vendors and have experiences much quicker response to ordering ,processing , and shipment . But have always received what was ordered and satisfied with the parts .

Just keep in mind consumers have a right to let others know of their unpleasant experiences with people they spend their hard earned money with . Called customer satisfaction and it should be the most important goal of any company ! Sorry for the preaching but so true . No need to take sides just heed warnings when you hear them then make up your own mind based on your experiences instead of taking sides .
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