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Posted By: DWSheffer Mobil Mobiland Quart - Fri Apr 08 2022 02:11 PM
I bought this can a few months ago off Ebay. I hadn't ever seen this composite can in all my years of collecting Mobil. I asked the seller if they had any history on it and he explained his dad opened a Mobil station in 1950, and by the later 50's he had went on to be a jobber instead. They were cleaning out the father's estate and found this can in the garage, the only one they came across. Have any other Old Gassers seen this can before? I've always been aware of the later blue and white Mobiland composite quart, which is past my collection focus of 1931-1965. I can certainly say this is a rare can as far as relative availability, especially in the line of later composites. I'm also confident it was produced for the American market as well.
Thank you,

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Posted By: Gasman84470 Re: Mobil Mobiland Quart - Sat Apr 09 2022 03:49 AM
Nice composite Mobil quart. Do you keep oil in your composite cans?
Posted By: DWSheffer Re: Mobil Mobiland Quart - Sat Apr 09 2022 12:24 PM
Thanks Gasman.
No, I don't leave them full. This can was full when I received it but I use an 1/8" diameter nail to puncture the bottom in two spots and let them slowly drain. There's no sense in allowing the can to get damaged, which will eventually happen.
Posted By: Ohio Oil Re: Mobil Mobiland Quart - Sat Apr 09 2022 08:29 PM
I've not seen this can before either. Finding that oil can or sign that you have never seen before of the brand you collect is what keeps me going after all these years. Thanks for sharing.
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