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Posted By: toplescuda Pump mechanism on visible pump froze up - Wed Jun 29 2022 10:12 PM
Has anyone here ever took the pump mech. Apart on a visible pump? What do the insides look like?

My fry117 pump is locked up. I have gave thoughts to tear it open and get it freed up while I have the pump all tore down
Posted By: gasmansgp Re: Pump mechanism on visible pump froze up - Wed Jun 29 2022 11:20 PM
I have done a few when the customer wanted to rock the handle back and forth a couple of times? It is a lot of work. Usually the brass pump mech is frozen to the cast iron casing. I have submerged the whole unit in atf for a year and still nothing.....and yes, I did say a year! I had to drive steel wedges between the top and lower case to force it open. Then you have to get the shaft out and polish pieces for enough clearance to have it move freely. Days of work and in my opinion, not worth it for the results achieved. I usually cut the crank shaft and reweld it so that the crank is in the correct position to be locked in place. Then lock it with a nice brass lock and move on. Just me talking but, I have restored twenty Fry's along with a bunch of other gravity feeds. Always the same. I have two Fry 17's in the shop now in the rotation for restoration. One pump is free, the other is frozen. Both customers do not care if they rotate, only look good....I can guarantee that part. Paul www.severngaspumps.com
Posted By: Pogo's Garage Re: Pump mechanism on visible pump froze up - Wed Jun 29 2022 11:59 PM
I did one last year, completely seized. Popped it open and it was jammed full of heavy caked corrosion, no wiggle room at all. I vacuumed it out, submerged the entire unit in cleaning vinegar for 24 hours (smells nasty, and it burps and bubbles constantly) When it came out, I rinsed it well, greased the top ends up, put it back together, capped the bottom inlet, and put a quart of ATF fluid in it. That pump works so well I still can't believe it, and it's a joy to let people take the handle and crank on it, makes them smile. Try it, you'll be amazed, and it's fast & cheap!
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