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Mobilgas Shield Sign

Posted By: jeakle4

Mobilgas Shield Sign - Tue Nov 07 2000 03:52 PM

I have a Mobilgas Shield sign from a station, but it is not a familiar design to me. I have not been able to locate it in any publications, and was hoping for a little assistance.

It is a large double sided porcelain sign with both the Pegasus horse, and the text Mobilgas. Also, it has a white star with a blue circle surrounding it toward the bottom center of the sign. The only dates I can find are at the bottom of the sign and read R33.(I believe that there is a letter before the R, but most of it is missing, it may be "N".

Any ideas when this sign was used and ideas on value? I can email photos if you need them. Thank you.
Posted By: Oldgas

Re: Mobilgas Shield Sign - Tue Nov 07 2000 11:44 PM

An picture of the sign would really help. Posting images on this forum is easy if the image is uploaded to a server somewhere. An explanation of the UBB code shows how it is done. If you don't have access to server space with your Internet provider, email the image to me and I'll add it to your message. admin@oldgas.com

Mobilgas was shortened to Mobil in 1962. The brand Mobilgas together with the Pegasus horse began appearing in the early 1930's.

Posted By: DCpate

Re: Mobilgas Shield Sign - Wed Nov 08 2000 09:32 PM

Your sign is from White Star Refining from Detroit MI. The years of production for this sign were 1933-1946. According to Henderson's Guide to Gas Station Logos, "former White Star outlets used a special Mobilgas shield sign with a small blue circle and white star at the bottom until aftr WWII."
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