Posted by: Rick

Gilbarco - Thu Nov 02 2000 09:49 PM

Greetings,I have just purchased my first gas pump to restore.It is a gilbarco,it is about 6ft tall without the globe and the model tag states that it is a 296A-39.Could some tell me(silly question to follow)what model this is commonly called,so I can start looking for parts?
Posted by: fast66

Re: Gilbarco - Fri Nov 03 2000 04:23 AM

Hi Rick,
Don't know what parts you need, but the 296 looks very much like any mod. 96/98. The differencies propably are only on the inside. I have a picture of a 296 - 39 manufactured in Canada. Is yours mfg in Canada also?
I myself own a mod. 396 mfg in England. That is a totally different pump.
Here's a link to my photpoint pump page:
Claes, Sweden
Posted by: Rick

Re: Gilbarco - Fri Nov 03 2000 09:43 PM

Hi Claes,your photos are great.Your picture of the 96c(red door,no ad glass)is just what mine looks like except that mine has a tiered base(like your 98)My pump is made in Canada so it looks like you nailed it.I have seen mention of a 996,is it a lot different?It looks like parts are available at some of the reproduction shops,so it looks like all it will take is time and money.Many thanks.