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Erie 175 1 gal curbside pump

Posted By: John Hoefer

Erie 175 1 gal curbside pump - Fri Oct 13 2000 02:37 PM

An oil/gas distributer in Bruce Wi had an auction this week. I acquired what appears to be an Erie 175. Here is the description. It looks like the pump on p. 97 of the Benjamin-Henderson book except for the top. There is now a horizontal pipe with a brass downspout instead of a hose and nozzel. It was painted green, which has pealed off the brass cylinder. Even has the 1 & 2 qt. stops. Has a Wis. DOT sticker and a wire through the adjusting screw with a lead seal stamped 58. On the backside of the handle is a very new looking oval aluminum model tag for Bennett. The model number is 1307PS. I am guessing this pump was retrofitted and used inside a warehouse for something. Now for the questions:

l. Is my quesswork on the right track or way off base?
2. If A.O.Smith bought out Erie (p. 82 B & H) how come a Bennett tag? Did someone just put a tag on to please the DOT?
3. Granted our Wis. northwoods were late in getting electricity, so a handpump would be an advantage, but why use a 1 gal as late as 1958? Could it have been used for something other than gasoline?
4. Is anyone else interested in curbsides? They are neat: ie. old, small, less expensive than visibles,etc.? Looks to be fun & a very easy restoration.
Posted By: Jack Sim

Re: Erie 175 1 gal curbside pump - Sat Nov 11 2000 12:30 AM

Assuming your pump is a Erie 175 you are working off some misinformation. If I remember correctly the Gas Pump book by Benjamin and Henderson indentify this pump as being made by Erie in around 1907. This is impossible as Erie didn't go into business until 1921. The 175 was introduced around 1935 and was still being made in the 1950s. This was not a curb pump but a kerosene pump and usually stood to the side of a station. The one gallon measurment indicates it was used to put one gallon of kerosene into a can.
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