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Fix-Tite Rubber Repair Kit Garage Size

Posted By: RhapsodyRarities

Fix-Tite Rubber Repair Kit Garage Size - Sun Oct 29 2000 08:17 PM

Hi, I have a metal that my grandfather had in his workshop. It is for fixing the older rubber inner-tubes, when cars had inner-tubes. It contains several rubber patches, small sheet of vulcan rubber that you can cut out to fit any size repair. It also contains the metal cleaner to scrub the inner-tube off before applying the new patch. The canister is in good condition. Color of the canister is blue and a cream color. The "FIX-TITE RUBBER" is stenciled in cream color and the "REPAIR KIT" is stenciled in blue. On the back of the canister is the "Fix-Tite Rubber Repair Kit No.15" Directions for applying is in English and Spanish. Contents contain self vulcanizing cold patching gum for permanent repairs for all types of rubber inner tubes, rubber boots, raincoats, rubber aprons, hot water bottles and other articles made of rubber. It was made by the PULLMAN CHEMICAL COMPANY OF PHILADELPHIA, PA. ALSO TORONTO, CANDADA. What I am interested in is the background of the repair kit, dates is was mostly used, original cost of this product and what possibly may be todays value to a collector. Anyone having any information, please contact me at rhapsodyrarities@aol.com
I do have photos of the canister and contents. Thank you.
Posted By: Oldgas

Re: Fix-Tite Rubber Repair Kit Garage Size - Sun Oct 29 2000 10:25 PM

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