Wayne 70 sight glass

Posted by: Anonymous

Wayne 70 sight glass - Fri Oct 13 2000 07:16 PM

Anyone know if the inside collar on the Wayne 70 sight glass is threaded, or just pressed in. Thanks
Posted by: Gary Drye

Re: Wayne 70 sight glass - Fri Oct 13 2000 08:17 PM

Jim, the collar is threaded on. If you have difficulty removing it, Park Drive Garage and I'm sure the other vendors, make a special wrench for removal. Good luck.
Posted by: Chris Mulhall

Re: Wayne 70 sight glass - Wed Oct 18 2000 02:47 PM

I'm assuming this would be the same difficulty that I encountered on the Wayne 60. If you still haven't gotten it, or for others' reference, I used a torch to heat it up and hammered a screwdriver against the fins of the nut to untwist it. They can definitely be a pain.