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A. O. Smith pumps

Posted By: Anonymous

A. O. Smith pumps - Mon Dec 04 2000 09:02 PM

I purchased an A. O. Smith L-1 D s/n 83322 pump last year at Carlisle. I am almost finished with the restoration, but I can't find any information about Smith pumps (i.e. pictures, diagrams, manufacturing info and dates, etc. Help would be appreciated.
Posted By: vacreeper

Re: A. O. Smith pumps - Sun Dec 17 2000 08:42 PM

Was this the pump that was in the North field? Saw that one and could not help but think that it looked pretty good. L-is were introduced in 1946 and were made in both short and tall versions and with and without an internal hose retractor. Am not sure how popular when new they were but they are not that common now. Originally the center latches had only a clear finish over the zinc casting and many of the ones found today are seriously pitted. If yours are in good shape think about chroming them as it really sets the pump off. Otherwise, a silver paint would be appropriate. Have serial numbers and dates for this pump. Let me know your numbers and I can give you dates. Am finishing up one of these up now in Cities Service colors. Steve
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