Clarks Self-Serve, Colorado Springs CO

Posted by: fifty7chevymatt

Clarks Self-Serve, Colorado Springs CO - Tue Oct 24 2017 10:00 PM

Hello, I am looking to see if anyone on here might have a lead on some old signs or memorabilia pertaining to Clarks Self-Serve gas station in Colorado. There were about 26 stations throughout CO, and my family sold the business in 1990. Figured it was worth a shot to find some of the old stuff, somehow it was all dispersed.

My name is Matt Clark, my number is (719)232-8997, please call, text or email if you know of anything.

Thank you kindly
Posted by: Jack Sim

Re: Clarks Self-Serve, Colorado Springs CO - Wed Oct 25 2017 02:18 AM

We had many Clark stations here in St. Louis, but I cannot remember any one sign/etc. that had to do with a particular location. Every Clark station here in this area all looked the same and I believe they were all company owned stations.

Jack Sim