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Posted By: row 1958 wayne 511 - Tue Jun 30 2020 01:27 AM
Hey just acquired a 1958 Wayne 511 all original with the spinners ,yellow blend selector also given extra parts (blend selector , 9 grade face plates nos etc) problem is the only flaw is the window frames are rusty and rechroming quotes is more than I paid for the pump if any body has the old style glass and frames (chrome not stainless and old custom blended scpript ) I would put the money in that rather than rechrome ,don't have to be show chrome just no pits something that will clean up thanks Greg
Posted By: Rick S. Re: 1958 wayne 511 - Mon Jul 06 2020 01:01 AM
Hi Greg,
just curious, how high are the quotes for chrome? Rick
Posted By: row Re: 1958 wayne 511 - Mon Jul 06 2020 04:31 AM
I had one quote $350.00 for each frame, crazy I paid less than that for the pump took 3 m micro finishing film and wet sanded the frame then hit it on the buffer and I have to say it came out real nice , I have the computer in our machine shop cleaned it and replaced a couple pinon gears it looks and works like brand new there is a low and high range on this computer and ladder chains that run the spinners and octane blends . I removed just the flow meters ,but will save them because I am going to motorize the computer, it came with the original porcelain blue Sunoco and with the cutout on the top for the globe and the yellow blend selector it is the early 1958 version that's why I guess the parts are scarce thanks Greg
Posted By: Cold Pizza Re: 1958 wayne 511 - Mon Jul 06 2020 01:28 PM
Pictures of yours?
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