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Posted By: RandyM Hi everyone. - Fri Dec 14 2012 05:22 PM
I have been reading this forum at least 10 years and finally decided to jump in the pool. I have about 20 pumps, 60 globes, and 20 signs. Glad to be here. Oh, by the way my friend and I are currently restoring a couple of Bennett 76s and could use some parts:

A top, 2 or 4 ad glass
Window trim for the frames
Upper frame casting that the frame pipes screw into
Lever the nozzle sits on

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: Ryan Underthun Re: Hi everyone. - Fri Dec 14 2012 05:29 PM
Welcome to Oldgas.

Swabby has a top for sale. It was posted under the for sale section a couple of days ago.

Here is the link.

Posted By: RandyM Re: Hi everyone. - Fri Dec 14 2012 05:44 PM
Thanks Ryan, I saw it and sent him a PM.
Posted By: Dave's Garage Re: Hi everyone. - Fri Dec 14 2012 07:11 PM
Welcome to Oldgas.com!
Posted By: K W FRITH Re: Hi everyone. - Sat Dec 15 2012 12:43 AM
Hi Randy! Glad you finally piped up! Welcome to the madness!
Posted By: Goober's Station Re: Hi everyone. - Sun Dec 16 2012 12:07 AM
Welcome to the group Randy, hope the winter doesn't get too ugly for you cheeseheads. You live in a good area for rare pumps, keep me in mind if you find a Bellboy. I can always get Sharmeters where I live (near Sharpsville, PA). Happy Holidays,
Goober smile
Posted By: Cold Pizza Re: Hi everyone. - Sun Dec 16 2012 12:20 AM
I Welcome you to the site Randy,but not your football team. wink
Posted By: vert1 Re: Hi everyone. - Sun Dec 16 2012 03:45 PM
Hey Randy welcome
Posted By: tomzcollectiblez Re: Hi everyone. - Sun Dec 16 2012 03:58 PM
Welcome Aboard! Glad you finally got your feet wet smile
You can also post Looking for those parts in the Want To Buy section...I know Tom Buckles has tons of parts...He is a member here...shoot him a pm.
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