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Posting a You Tube Video on the forum

Posted By: Oldgas

Posting a You Tube Video on the forum - Tue Oct 31 2017 03:04 PM

A YouTube video can be posted on the forum so viewers can see it right there. It doesn't have to be just a link.

Go to the YouTube video you want and copy the http address.
On the "New Topic" or "Full Reply" screen, put your cursor in the message post box where you want the video to appear.
Click on the Media Icon button as shown below.
Choose "You Tube Video"
Paste the YouTube http address in the box and click the OK button to submit it.
The video should appear where you inserted it.
It may not show in the "Preview" mode, depending on your device.

Some users may not see the embedded video because of software non-compatibility on their device. So also post the You Tube link in your message so everyone can see the video (like this example):

Embedded Video:

Description: Copy the You Tube http address
Attached picture youtube3.jpg

Description: Click the media button and choose You Tube Video
Attached picture youtube1.jpg

Description: Paste the http address in the pop-up form to embed the video
Attached picture youtube2.jpg
Posted By: jkyocom

Re: Posting a You Tube Video on the forum - Thu May 17 2018 02:09 AM

It Worked !!!! and my dumb a** figured it out !!!!!............LOL
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