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Posted By: Oldgas How to email a member - Thu Oct 01 2009 03:11 AM
This forum is configured to protect member's email address and profile information. Only registered members who are logged in may access a member's profile and email address. This means email addresses are not available to those who harvest email addresses in order to send spam.

How do I send a message to respond to an item for sale?

If the seller has not included his phone number in the topic text, you'll have to send an email or PM message. To do that, you need to register and become a member. It is a free service.

Click on "Register" near the top of any Shop Talk forum page.

Click Here for Tips for Successful Registration. Watch for a verification email immediately after you apply.

Once you are registered, login on the upper right on any Shop Talk page. Then click on the member's name to the left of a message he posted. Choose "Profile" to learn a member's email address or phone number. Some members hide their email address, so you'd need to send a PM Private Message.

Or, once your membership is approved by an administrator, you may choose "Send a PM" which is an internal Shop Talk forum message system. A flashing envelope on the Shop Talk menu means you have a new incoming PM message. Click on the envelope icon on the upper right corner of this page near your user name to see PM messages.
Posted By: Oldgas Re: How to email a member - Tue Apr 13 2010 11:22 PM
To see a member's profile when you know their user name or part of it -

Login first (click 'Register" if you haven't joined)
Click on "User List" on the horizontal menu bar on the upper part of most Shop Talk pages.
* If they are a fairly active member, click on the first letter of their name in the alphabet links in the box.
Scroll down that list to find the member and click on their name to see their Profile.
* If they are not on that first page, put part or all of their user name in the member search box and click to search. That will search only in that alphabetical group and display a list with a narrower result of links to Profiles. Note the date of when they were last online in the forum. Click on their name to see their Profile.

In their Profile, they may have listed an email or phone, or not. They may have listed a PM (internal Shop Talk message) or not. Usually it is both or one or the other.
Send them a message on a PM or email. PM messages may not work well if the member has not been online in the forum for a while.

If their email bounces or you don't get a response, try sending a PM message.
Posted By: aviojnd Re: How to email a member - Fri Aug 09 2019 10:15 PM
a big thanks to jack sim for answering my question on a eco model 60
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