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Posted By: Oldgas How to Register and Join the Forum - Sat Dec 14 2013 01:59 AM
To participate in discussions on this forum and have access to contact other members directly, please register to join our online community.

Go to:

* Click on "Register" on the menu bar on the upper part of the page.
* Read and then agree with the terms of service by checking the box and clicking the submit button.
* Fill out all required fields of the registration with valid information, click button to submit
* Your real first and last names are required, but they are not visible to the unregistered public. Your location is required with your state/province as the minimum.
* After you submit the form, watch for an immediate email with a verification link. If we don't get a response from the applicant clicking that link within 36 hours, the registration is dropped.
* The registration is then manually reviewed, approved and a Welcome email is sent.

If you have a problem along that path, click the "Contact" link on our site to explain the issue. The approval process is manual and is subject to availability of an administrator.
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