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Two Unusual Wisconsin Oil Cans

Posted By: Jolly-John

Two Unusual Wisconsin Oil Cans - Sat Jul 15 2017 05:54 PM

Hi, Gang. I know neither of these two items is overly graphic. However, I thought they might have some appeal to guys who collect Midwestern or smaller, orphan brands. I'd appreciate some input on value of these two cans. THANK YOU very much for taking the time to look. John

1. W.G. Keil Oil Co. half-gallon. From Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Likely dates to the early to mid-1920’s from what I could dig up in research. This is a very good condition can. Two colors, with no fading. Has bail handle and pour spout. Does have a few blems in the paint, as shown in the photos. Some rust on the top that has been nicely cleaned. Some light rust on the bottom that hasn’’t been messed with.

2. Barkhausen 3-pound grease can. From Green Bay, Wisconsin. This can appears to date to the early 1920’s from my research. It is in very good condition. Three colors, with no fading. Has the bail handle intact. This can is clean inside and out. It's a nice displayable size, measuring 5-1/4" in diameter by 4-1/2" high. Only a few, very small dents, and no rust. The bottom is very clean.

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Posted By: Jolly-John

Re: Two Unusal Wisconsin Oil Cans - Sat Jul 15 2017 05:57 PM

Some additional photos.

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Posted By: Jolly-John

Re: Two Unusal Wisconsin Oil Cans - Tue Jul 18 2017 03:06 PM

Sure would like to get some "can guys" input on possible value of these two Wisconsin cans. Thanks for any help. John
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