Exxon sign

Posted by: Ctate2237

Exxon sign - Wed Oct 04 2017 02:57 PM

Are these large back lit signs valuable to collectors??
Posted by: cggas

Re: Exxon sign - Wed Oct 04 2017 07:25 PM

Not VALUABE, but you can probably get 2,3,4hundred $$ from the right guy if the sign is complete with the can. The plastic signs are getting to be more colectable than they were 15yrs ago..... then they were very cheap if u could even sell one!! Chris
Posted by: Ctate2237

Re: Exxon sign - Wed Oct 04 2017 08:31 PM

Thanks a bunch!
Posted by: TheHorse13

Re: Exxon sign - Thu Oct 05 2017 01:10 PM

This sign and others like it appear on my local Craigslist and they typically sell once the poster lowers the price in the 250-300 dollar range.

An antique dealer in town tells me that he sells a lot of the plastic signs now that the porcelain stuff is through the roof.