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WW2 Red Crown Posters

Posted By: MoreCans

WW2 Red Crown Posters - Wed Oct 25 2017 01:55 AM

WW2 full size Red Crown Posters. Someone asked to buy these and I decided to part with them. Both dated. 1945/1946. They have instructions for which two months to display and then “salvage for victory”. Fair price?

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Posted By: DWSheffer

Re: WW2 Red Crown Posters - Wed Oct 25 2017 11:16 AM

I would say with the stark graphics, and what I would say is pretty boring subject matter, equates to pretty minimal collector value in the Petroliana market. If they showed the Red Crown logo or more graphics of some sort they would have more appeal and value.
As I always mention though, paper goods just don't get the respect they deserve in this hobby IMO. Paper items were never made to last, and as such are true survivors. Porcelain, glass, metal, will all survive for a long long time with little care, paper on the other hand did not. I'm not one that offers values, but I wouldn't go crazy on these.
Good luck,
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