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Value of Sinclair "Washing" sign?

Posted By: gruff1

Value of Sinclair "Washing" sign? - Thu Nov 23 2017 10:41 PM

Hi everyone. Any thoughts on the value of this vintage Sinclair "Washing" sign? It's in great condition, has a little paint on the edges where someone got sloppy painting the building. It has great gloss and all but one of the original grommets are present. Thanks in advance for your replies.

Attached picture sinclair washing1.jpg
Attached picture sinclair washing3.jpg
Posted By: DaysPast

Re: Value of Sinclair "Washing" sign? - Tue Dec 12 2017 09:32 PM

That's one of those signs that depends on finding the right buyer. I'd put it in the $750-$950 range but if you have a Sinclair collector looking for one, it could go higher.
Posted By: gruff1

Re: Value of Sinclair "Washing" sign? - Wed Dec 13 2017 01:10 AM

I appreciate the feedback.
Posted By: coltex

Re: Value of Sinclair "Washing" sign? - Wed Dec 13 2017 03:25 AM

ditto. Nice sign in that condition!!
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