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Mobiline-Sinclair Sign

Posted By: nebrgas

Mobiline-Sinclair Sign - Mon Dec 18 2017 01:29 PM

Posted this in another forum looking for history, but no one responded.

Sign is 3'x5' SST with original wood frame intact. I bought here in Nebraska 15-20 years ago. Appears to be very old, but can't find any date or maker's mark on it. Overall condition is very good.


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Posted By: keithia

Re: Mobiline-Sinclair Sign - Tue Dec 19 2017 12:58 AM

I believe Sinclair used Mobiline for a short time back in the 1930's. They were sued by Mobil for the use of the name and discontinued the use of the name Mobiline. I believe Mobiline was replaced with Pennsylvania.
Posted By: Steven C.

Re: Mobiline-Sinclair Sign - Wed Dec 20 2017 08:04 AM

Similar sign from Sinclair Collectors guide and text showing dates when Sinclair used the Mobiline name. So it looks like your sign dates from 1928-1931.
The book this picture is from is from 1997, so don't listen to that $350-$500 valuation. I would think it's about 3 times that.
Again, very cool sign!

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Posted By: nebrgas

Re: Mobiline-Sinclair Sign - Wed Dec 20 2017 02:02 PM

Thanks for information, guys.

Agree that old "book" values are meaningless and today's pricing is a matter of "what the market will bear" or what 2 guys at an auction are willing to pay. I have numerous value guides from the 90's and it's fun(?) to see values from 20+ years ago. If I knew then what was going to happen with this hobby, I would have scrapped my 401K and bought high-grade gas & oil items.
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