Exxon plastics

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Exxon plastics - Sun Dec 31 2017 12:24 PM

Hey guys I found some Exxon plastics like the ones pictured, only bigger. They are about 10' in length and 5' wide. They are still in the pallets that they were shipped. Ball park value?
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Re: Exxon plastics - Thu Jan 04 2018 08:10 AM

I guess plastics aren't worth much
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Re: Exxon plastics - Thu Jan 04 2018 06:04 PM

In the past, I have seen big plastic signs go at auction for very little money. At one auction, only $5.00 to a woman who afterward, couldn't figure how to get it home in her small car? Difficult to find a use for a 10'x5' sign unless you plan on putting it on a high pole near the Interstate. Paul www.severngaspumps.com
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Re: Exxon plastics - Sun Jan 07 2018 02:03 AM

Haha that's very true. What about the hardware?(for the 10' or the 4')
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Re: Exxon plastics - Sun Jan 07 2018 06:51 AM

Years ago, plastic signs couldn't even get a look from typical petroliana sign collectors. With porcelain and painted metal signs going up so high in price, plastics are getting new interest, especially by newer collectors and specific brand collectors. I believe they will continue to increase in value over time. Signs over 6 foot obviously need lots of space so it limits the number of collectors who have the room.
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Re: Exxon plastics - Mon Jan 08 2018 08:32 AM

Agree,plastic sign interest has grown considerably in the last few years.Plus they weren't made to last,so when you find one in great shape still holding it's vibrant colors,the sky is the limit.
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Re: Exxon plastics - Mon Jan 08 2018 09:44 AM

Right after building my new shop about fifteen years ago I ran on to a plastic APCO sign that was like new for $75. I had a lot of wall space up high around the shop to cover so I bought it and it’s hung there ever since. A little later the local Phillips 66 station went out of business and he gave me the two plastic inserts from the marquee sign so I plastered them up next. They aren’t worth much now but I notice these going for more and more all the time. Porcelain has gotten to be a rich mans collectible. Most can’t pay thousands for signs to decorate their shops but still don’t want repops. I think as time goes on they will fit in to a niche in the hobby and be worth saving. I’m sure my APCO would sell for more than twice the $75 I gave for it so there’s a good example of what difference ten or fifteen years makes on about anything. I remember not too many years ago when the big six foot porcelain signs could be bought for a couple hundred dollars because nobody wanted to handle them. Now try to find a nice one for five times that. I say grab things that are nice when you find them. Plastic or not, in a few years somebody will want it....GB
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Re: Exxon plastics - Mon Jan 08 2018 01:25 PM

Thanks a bunch you guys!
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Re: Exxon plastics - Mon Jan 08 2018 08:03 PM

I concur with the upside assessment of my colleagues above. I bought a 5'x7' plastic sign of a small extinct gas and oil company and it cost me more than a few dollars. If it is desirable, people will pay for it.
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Re: Exxon plastics - Wed Jan 10 2018 12:27 PM

This is just an opinion. but with all the repops and fantasy signs out there. You know it's orginial. Nobody repops plastic!!!
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Re: Exxon plastics - Fri Jan 12 2018 02:11 PM

One of my plastic signs,i think they are getting more collectible.