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Texaco Aviation Sign

Posted By: nebrgas

Texaco Aviation Sign - Sun Jan 07 2018 05:34 PM

I bought this sign 20+ years ago at an antique store. It is 24" DSP and stamped "2-31" at the bottom of the good side.

I'm sure this is an original Texaco sign and while pretty rough on one side, the rarity factor would seem mitigate some of the condition issues. Considered having it restored, but decided against it.

I have never seen another one and would like to hear thoughts on value in today's market.


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Posted By: KZ1000

Re: Texaco Aviation Sign - Mon Jan 08 2018 12:45 PM

A friend of mine, who has since passed was able to purchase that same sign in cond. 8+
It was 10+ years ago, a rare one.
He ended up selling it, pm sent
Posted By: BryceG

Re: Texaco Aviation Sign - Mon Jan 08 2018 02:54 PM

there are certainly others out there... I have been at auctions and watched 2 sell in the past 2 years. One was at Rich Penn & one at Mecum. They brought $7500 & $11000 but both were in far more desirable condition.

If you did have it restored, I would recommend only having one side done.

As it sits, and just my opinon, id say $1500-2000 on yours due to the condition.

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Posted By: nebrgas

Re: Texaco Aviation Sign - Mon Jan 08 2018 09:41 PM

Thanks for info, guys.

I wish those kids who threw rocks at signs 75 years ago would have missed the "bullseye" on this one!
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