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Tydol Gas Pump

Posted By: Tydol_Pump

Tydol Gas Pump - Tue Jan 16 2018 08:53 PM

I was fixing an old building in New Jersey and found a Tydol Gas Pump. I don't see an exact version of the model online. Can you tell me any information and if it's worth anything? Thank you for your time.

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Posted By: Jack Sim

Re: Tydol Gas Pump - Wed Jan 17 2018 02:56 AM

I copied the picture of the ID tag, transferred it to a editing program, but because it is of such a low resolution I cannot read anything on it, it becomes very blurred when I enlarge it. You probably used a cell phone instead of a camera.
It appears the pump is a Model 55 from around 1920.
No one here can give you a firm value of what the pump is worth, mainly because we cannot determine if the pump is complete and what condition the pump is in. I am the author of both the 1st & 2nd edition of the Gas Pump Identification & Value books. It is not shown in either of these books, but I do have a picture of the pump for the 3rd edition of the book.
Incidentally, the globe should be considered separately from the pump, if it original, it has a value.

If you want me to verify the Model Number, send me the information that is on the ID tag. jshim@petrocollect.com

Jack Sim
Posted By: Steven C.

Re: Tydol Gas Pump - Wed Jan 17 2018 01:01 PM

Wow, I really expected you to slam the guy jack and tell him Tydol didn't make gas pumps. grin
Anyway, for those who cant' tell, it's a Gilbert & Barker.
And yes John, to Jacks point, a higher res photo of the tag would be helpful.

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Posted By: Jack Sim

Re: Tydol Gas Pump - Wed Jan 17 2018 07:32 PM

I wish the auction houses would quit listing pumps as "Shell pump, etc." That is one good reason most people outside of the hobby call them that.

Posted By: Tydol_Pump

Re: Tydol Gas Pump - Thu Jan 18 2018 10:22 PM

Email me at contreras3923@yahoo.com and get the original high resolution photo of the tag
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