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Posted By: nickfroehlich Old Family Ford Business leftovers - Tue Apr 23 2019 08:08 AM
I need some help, advice, guidance.....anything. I have searched all over the internet, and I can not find any information on a few things. A brief background first........

My family had a ford dealership going back to the 20's. My father cut ties with Ford right around the time they rolled out the Blue Oval signs at all dealerships. My Dad saved a lot of things from my families Ford era, as did my grandfather, and great grandfather, My great-great grandfather had the same business, but it was called Froehlich's garage prior to our partnership with Ford.

Here's my issue/question/need for guidance

1. I still have all of our square Ford signs. I'm talking the large Dealership storefront signs that were erected in the air 50+ feet I have attached pictures of what I'm referring to. Not the actual signs I have, but the same Shape, color, etc. I can't even find pics of the square "Ford Trucks" one or the other Lincoln Mercury ones on the internet. I would have to measure the signs to provide dimensions, but they are very large. I think there are some even older ones, the ones that were skinny and more vertical from around the 50's.

2. In addition to the ford signs, I also have an extremely old, and very heavy Standard oil sign, I can't seem to find the same sign anywhere else I look. I can find similar signs, but there's major differences. My Dad told me it has value (he is now deceased). The one I have is one solid piece, whereas the ford signs I have are hollow squares, that would go inside a frame, back to back, so to speak. The Standard sign isn't plastic, or doesn't seem to be, but on top it looks like an adapter to power the sign, but it almost looks like a gas line? I don't know

Thank you for your time,
Nick Froehlich

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Posted By: Robert77 Re: Old Family Ford Business leftovers - Wed Apr 24 2019 01:55 AM
Here's a link to a recent auction with some similar signs, although these signs had their frames and poles sold with them. There isn't a tremendous amount of value for the Ford signs because of the enormous size and limited ability to display. The more pictures of the different types of Ford signs you have, the better, as different styles might have different values. I'm actually looking for a replacement for my large "FORD" section, as a recent windstorm broke out that panel in my sign. Too bad your all the way out in North Dakota.



The "plastic-like" panels are made of a material called Lexan. The Standard oil sign would have more value if it wasn't so faded. "Plastic" or Lexan signs are growing in value, but are way behind the prices of porcelain signs, as a lot of collectors see little value in them or think of them as entry level. Also, with the Standard sign being so faded, it's unable to be restored. The flame section shown by itself probably has more value than the large sign pictured that it goes on.

The Champion spark plug cleaner you can find for sale at a large swap meet for $100-150.
Posted By: nickfroehlich Re: Old Family Ford Business leftovers - Wed Apr 24 2019 07:32 AM
Thank you for the feedback. The spark plug tester is one of many items from its era, age. Sun generator/distributor/motor testers. Model T wheels, Lots of old glass and windshields. Maybe the reason I couldnt find any information on the value is because nobody is selling/buying them due to their size.

Could you provide any more info on the Standard sign? I haven't been able to locate any others like it. The sign has been stored indoors for 50 years or so, So i'm guessing that the fading happened while it was still erected. I had a guy offer several thousand for it years ago, but I had little info on its value......not much has changed in 10 years. HA
Posted By: cggas Re: Old Family Ford Business leftovers - Wed Apr 24 2019 11:51 AM

I’d be calling the guy that offered several thousand, IMO the sign is $600-$1200, but that is only my opinion.
Posted By: PlainBroke Re: Old Family Ford Business leftovers - Wed Apr 24 2019 12:34 PM
I've sold 2 of the Standard Lexan signs in the past few years and both included the flame tops. $675 and $950 - both had great color, no fade but the $675 had a hole on one side.
Posted By: gulfiend! Re: Old Family Ford Business leftovers - Wed Apr 24 2019 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by cggas
I’d be calling the guy that offered several thousand

...what HE said...
Posted By: nickfroehlich Re: Old Family Ford Business leftovers - Thu Apr 25 2019 01:23 AM
I appreciate the feedback guys, the only thing that still puzzles me is the signs design. I can't find a picture of flame top sign, that is the same as this. Similar, but different. I'm not so sure that the flame top I included in the picture belongs with this sign, as I found it in a different location, the material feels different, and the color is much brighter. The standard sign has a texture that doesn't feel like plastic, Maybe due to its age and weathering, it has a rougher texture or feel to it, then a plastic like lexan. My Great uncle thought it was from before the 50's, but he's getting pretty old himself.

I'm an amateur when it comes to stuff like this, maybe even a step below that. If someone could direct me to a picture of the same sign anywhere I would appreciate it. I can't find a single one anywhere online, for sale or otherwise. The only ones I can find are porcelein, but the lettering on those don't seem to bulge outward as mine does.
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