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Posted By: Gasman84470 Alberta auction cautionary tale - Sun Feb 23 2014 10:58 PM
I went to an auction in rural Alberta today that was well advertised and looked like some good stuff was available. When we got there a RCMP car was parked outside the hall. So we checked in and I looked around and I saw a few pumps and many fantasy and reproduced signs and a few original signs. The auctioneer announced that there was a break in overnight and that 30 signs were stolen. All were original signs according to the auctioneer.
Apparently the thieves were more discerning than the customers as fantasy signs went for >$400 and reproductions went for up to $800. Yikes. Visible pumps sold in excess of 10K.
Anyway a warning for all. We've posted on theft from collections but this is the largest theft of advertising materials from one site that I am aware of. Prices realized are going up and apparently thieves are getting more brazen with their illegal grabs. Secure your stuff guys!!
Posted By: Johnnyleduc Re: Alberta auction cautionary tale - Mon Feb 24 2014 04:14 AM

I was there with my son today, I thought the clock face with the so-so paint job and the red Indian stickers for 14.5k was mind blowing. The paint jobs on most of the pumps and oil tanks were pretty bad, but the buyers didn't seem to mind.
Posted By: Gasman84470 Re: Alberta auction cautionary tale - Mon Feb 24 2014 04:40 AM
Yup average restos and I thought the auctioneer was a tad disingenuous when he said they had reproduction items and the "people who knew their stuff would know" or something to that effect. So what about the people that didn't know right from wrong? He could of easily have said with each item; original, fantasy or reproduction-but didn't!
I flipped my prices the visibles were 4K plus and the clock face pumps were 10K+. And as you said, ordinary restos at best.
Posted By: TC Re: Alberta auction cautionary tale - Mon Feb 24 2014 01:25 PM
Anybody have a listing for that auction? Like to see what I missed out on. Ted
Posted By: coopersplace Re: Alberta auction cautionary tale - Mon Feb 24 2014 04:51 PM
Ted, try http://www.timberlindauctions.com . There are only a limited number of photos. Same out of province seller who has been running at least half a dozen gas station memorabilia auctions in Alberta per year. He has one next month in northern Alberta. Usually mediocre restorations at best and at least half the signs are repros. I doubt that there were 30 original signs. He got lucky at his auction just before New Years with two millionaires bidding on a French double for $46,000. He makes more on the fakes than the originals and the auctioneer doesn't know much about the items and probably doesn't care. His job is to sell it for the highest price possible whether real, fake or fantasy. All he goes by is what the idiots paid for one at his last auction. Seems to be a number of wealthy desperate people out there who will only go to auctions to buy their collectibles and pay a major premium for buying on impulse. A little sad really. Cheers, Don,
Posted By: Gasman84470 Re: Alberta auction cautionary tale - Mon Feb 24 2014 08:17 PM
Don you nailed it. He called each pump as a "Red Indian, Shell, B/A" model rather than the pump it actually was. He did try a few times and once called the Bowser a Browser. The mark up on the fakes was at least 900%, assuming $50 bucks for the "original" fake price. One fellow bought both clock face pumps at inflated prices. ?deep pockets?
Anyway lesson learned I won't spend gas money attending his auctions.
Also included a Texaco Door Stop fake:
Posted By: redindianguy Re: Alberta auction cautionary tale - Tue Mar 04 2014 11:28 PM
lol he is not the first guy to sell one of those Texaco door stops at auction .
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