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Posted By: Gulf Warrior New guy who is into maps - Sat Jun 16 2018 01:56 AM
Hubba was the one who led me here, but it is a long story.

I've been into maps since I was a kid. Years ago I found a roadgeek who had a site about state roads, US roads,and interstates in my home state of Connecticut and I realized that I wasn't the only one. My interest waxes and wanes over the years, but that got me into buying old roadmaps that showed interstates that were under construction or proposed; some of which were ones that were never completed, like I-384 from Hartford to Providence. It only went a few miles before ending.

A dozen or so years later, I'm into it again after reading a book called UNCOMMON CARRIERS by John McPhee (It's a collection of NEW YORKER essays about transportation that included ones on long-haul trucking, barges, and coal trains) and also falling asleep to car related shows on basic cable. Then, a month or so ago, I got an oil change at a garage next to my office and the place was a grimy museum to Texaco and other oil companies. I rattled off come oil company history as well as Rhode Island highway history and the service lady asked me why I wasn't on Antique Pickers smile. This got me more into the petroliana side of things than the roadgeekery side. I recently purchased three maps from a local antiques dealer and two of them were oil company ones; a Gulf and an Exxon. The condition wasn't great, but I dig the historical aspect of holding something from the '70s like those maps. And that shop has some old maps buried away somewhere and they're supposed to reach out to me once they have the time.

I perused some City Directories for that town and have embarked on a mini-history of petroleum retailing there from 1968-1977. I may share what I have, if there's interest.

Oh, yeah. I found this place a month or so ago after I saw Hubba on TV and Googled him.
Posted By: advertologist Re: New guy who is into maps - Sat Jun 16 2018 03:48 AM
welcome aboard .. ... cool
Posted By: SandPCollector Re: New guy who is into maps - Sat Jun 16 2018 12:39 PM
Welcome to Oldgas. Best of luck with your collecting!
Posted By: pickurt Re: New guy who is into maps - Sun Jun 17 2018 12:12 AM

Posted By: Gulf Warrior Re: New guy who is into maps - Sun Jun 17 2018 01:53 AM
Thank you gentlemen. After finding this place, Kezar Kid's Amoco photos from his grandad made me decide to dive in here.

Early Amoco Filling Station pictures
Posted By: RedHat Re: New guy who is into maps - Sun Jun 17 2018 06:20 PM
Posted By: bsplichal95 Re: New guy who is into maps - Tue Jun 19 2018 03:58 AM
Welcome to OldGas!
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