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Posted By: 50DropTop Hello everyone! - Tue Oct 05 2021 06:08 PM
Hello everyone; I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jay and I’m from Virginia. Interests include old cars, signs, gas pumps and general antiques. I’m married and have two daughters (16 & 11) who actually appreciate some of the same things I mentioned above. I stumbled on this site and am looking forward to gaining knowledge from the wealth of information and members here.

I’ve attached a photo that shows my favorite place grin

Attached picture F82F4200-9861-4732-AE0D-37237145A062.jpeg
Posted By: SandPCollector Re: Hello everyone! - Tue Oct 05 2021 06:32 PM
Jay, Welcome to Oldgas. Looks like the "bug" has already bitten you!
Posted By: advertologist Re: Hello everyone! - Tue Oct 05 2021 08:02 PM
welcome aboard .. ... cool
Posted By: Tankar Re: Hello everyone! - Tue Oct 05 2021 09:11 PM
Posted By: Bill jr Re: Hello everyone! - Thu Oct 07 2021 11:05 PM
Welcome to OLDGAS
Posted By: bsplichal95 Re: Hello everyone! - Mon Oct 18 2021 01:55 AM
Welcome to OldGas!
Posted By: coheley5 Re: Hello everyone! - Tue Oct 19 2021 03:55 AM
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