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Thanks Everyone! smile
A new addition to my family.


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I had a great week. Finally got the Firestone neon home. A big thank you to oldgas member MDQG. Thanks John! Also has a great time at the Fontana Gas Bash. Brought home a few goodies...

Sure don't look like much but I thought it was too cool to pass up for my Sinclair collection. It's a nitro carrier.

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AWESOME FIRESTONE SIGN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rawlings Wyoming , Neat Tom.
Great stuff everyone....Love the Firestone neon!!!

Mine starts with a 5$ swap meet can before and after photos, a Cities service qt and a pair of Husky pump plates.

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A couple more.

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My buys this week. Blue band is super rough but rarest of the band cans. Better than when I got it. It was trashed and so wavey there was only so much I could do.


Another Mobiloil shield


Had a great time in Fontana at the show. Here are my buys from last week. Keep them coming!

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few more...

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Here is my buy from Roy reed`s in Fontana and I was not there. Thanks Anthony for getting it for me. Already got it in place in the Shell corner.

got this at Roy's on saturday....

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Wow. The California boys cleaned up this week.
LOL agreed! Good stuff everyone!

I picked up this Wayne 70 right in my backyard here in Hays! It was about 1 mile from home behind a garage. It is a nice clean pump.

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great stuff everybody
Fantastic Signal pump plate Anthony!
Originally Posted By: danlap99
AWESOME FIRESTONE SIGN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ditto & that Wayne 70
Originally Posted By: blacktee
Originally Posted By: danlap99
AWESOME FIRESTONE SIGN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ditto & that Wayne 70

I Ditto Dougs Ditto!! That Firestone sign is incredible!!

Great investment on the Blue can Mike! And very nice Pennzoil sign!!

And awesome weather vane Anthony!!
Posted By: Nucky Re: BOTW: "BUYS OF THE WEEK!" - APRIL 13th - 19th, 2015 - Mon Apr 20 2015 08:06 AM
wow that firestone is a killer sign, great find

I got those items this weekend, 2 quarts cans, the caltex is quite unusual with it's graphic thermometer and I got an Ulma bumper accessories for a Vespa

Great finds everyone!
Some fantastic buys and the Firestone is an amazing piece.Congrats
Dixie Gas and Charlotte Auto Fair Buys.
I bought the 15" Texaco Lubster sign from my dad at Dixie haha. The Good Gulf sign, Cities Service, Farm-Oyl, and Shell cans came from Dixie.
The Gulf stickers, Gulf service records, and 5 quart Sohio came from Charlotte.

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That Firestone neon is a killer!
Great find.
Found this 5 foot running man marathon sign

NOS zephyr rack sign

2 sided porcelain timken sign

Uncommon Mangum porcelain radiator sign

Very htf red crown ethyl with GM in center

unusual carter little metal display

Neat mirror from cassopolis michigan smile

Posted By: pipes Re: BOTW: "BUYS OF THE WEEK!" - APRIL 13th - 19th, 2015 - Mon Apr 20 2015 09:43 PM
finally got something good !

Posted By: BryceG Re: BOTW: "BUYS OF THE WEEK!" - APRIL 13th - 19th, 2015 - Tue Apr 21 2015 01:45 AM
a few of my Dixie trip buys... never seen this version of 36" Cities sign:

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Posted By: coltex Re: BOTW: "BUYS OF THE WEEK!" - APRIL 13th - 19th, 2015 - Tue Apr 21 2015 03:18 AM
I like the big stuff...

60" Oldsmobile

4 foot Humble

Great harder to find can. And it's full. Typically I empty cans. This one will be an exception so long is it doesn't start to leak at all.

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Great Can Steve!!
Had a blast at Roy's...and I had a blast helping Dennis hang that monster Firestone neon. Some of my buys from the week.

Great stuff everyone!

Sweet can Steve and great batch of signs Bryce.
awesome Nourse sign!!!!

Check out that Sunset sign. man oh man!!
those lubester signs are awesome
Picked up another 1 Gallon Mobil

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Today's find and looking for more 30" signs in 9+ condition.

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