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Posted By: mrcavalcade

NW PA. (VALLEY OF PETROLEUM) - Sun Jan 17 2016 05:11 PM

Just added a terrific first edition book to my collection. It was written in 1896 and details the beginning of the oil boom in Titusville, Franklin, Oil City and the stretch down into emlenton, butler and karns city Pa. The particular copy i have is signed by Charles Miller (the then president of GALENA OIL WORKS LTD OF FRANKLIN PA) and given to Louis K. Hyde of Titusville Pa (the then Director of the New Orleans and Northwestern Railway Co). Makes perfect sense, since at the time in 1896, Galena oil of Franklin was of such a thickness, that it was used in 90% of the railroad industry because of it's ability to withstand extreme heat and cold. In any case, this book is fascinating and details the period of time when the Drake Well was first drilled and the Evans Well also. It lists so many oil companies in the booklet and of the mass infusion of people into the region for liquid gold. I am thrilled to own the book and more thrilled to read of the history. Within this book is a poem written about the Galena Oil which the author describes as "ranked among the most noteworthy representative industries of Uncle Sam's splendid domain"!! I am including it here for my collector friends to enjoy:

"Have you somewhat a cranky wife,
Whose temper's apt to broil?
To ease the matrimonial strife,
Just lubricate when trouble's rife-
Pour on Galena Oil!

Has Life some rusty hinge or joint,
That vexes like a boil,
And always sure to disappoint?
The hindrance to success anoint
As with Galena Oil!

Does business seem to jar and creak,
Despite long years of toil,
Till wasted strength has left you weak?
Reduce the friction, so to speak-
Apply Galena Oil!

Are your affairs all run aground,
The cause of sad turmoil?
To see again "the wheels go 'wound,"
Smooth the rough spots wherever found-
Soak in Galena Oil!

For me, what a find to see this poem buried in an old book. Provides a glimpse into the history of a time long gone by and brings meaning to a lot of my collection pieces from the area. Enjoy reading it and if anyone has Galena Stuff for saleā€¦..let me know! lol
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