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Tidewater World Magazine

Posted By: McAneny

Tidewater World Magazine - Fri Apr 22 2016 07:56 PM


My grandfather authored an article in this magazine in 1932. He worked in the Research and Development area of Tidewater in Bayonne, NJ 1928-1933. I wonder where archival copies are held to see all the back issues?
Posted By: Bob Richards

Re: Tidewater World Magazine - Fri Apr 22 2016 09:48 PM

Mark, I doubt that there is a Library or College that has an archived Section in their Research Centers specifically for Tide Water Oil Company History and/or items...

When Getty Oil sold their interests in Tidewater Flying A to Phillips 66 in 1966. Thousands of records, relating to the history of Associated Oil, Tide Water Associated and Tidewater Oil Company were destroyed at Getty's Los Angeles Headquarters... The same happened in New York in 1969, when Getty Oil totally disbanded Tidewater Oil.

Texaco did the same, when they acquired Getty Oil...

I would think that your best bet would be to place an ad in PCM magazine. Join different Petro Sites on Facebook and ask on those 'sites if any one has any issues of "The Tide Water World", that they would part with?

I didn't know that "The Tide Water World" magazine had ever been published. Now, I will need to see if I can find an issue to add to my Tide Water Oil Collection....
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